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Glenn Hauman is an American editor, publisher, writer of novels and short stories, book illustrator, and comic book colorist. He has worked in a variety of roles in print and electronic publishing, including software and website development, as well as his TV and novel work within the Star Trek and X-Men franchises.

Glenn Hauman
Hauman at Midtown Comics in Times Square, New York City on February 7, 2007
Hauman at Midtown Comics in Times Square, New York City on February 7, 2007
Born(1969-03-04)March 4, 1969
Occupationnovelist, short story writer, webmaster, e-publisher, columnist
Genrefiction, non-fiction
Subjectscience fiction, fantasy
Notable worksStar Trek: New Frontier
Star Trek: Starfleet Corps of Engineers



Hauman worked was an editorial consultant to Simon & Schuster Interactive for many years, during which he contributed to a number of Star Trek CD-ROMs, such as the Star Trek Encyclopedia, Star Trek: The Next Generation Companion and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Companion, as well as those for other properties, such as Farscape.[1]

Among Hauman's books are the eBooks Star Trek: Starfleet Corps of Engineers: No Surrender[2] and Star Trek: Starfleet Corps of Engineers: Creative Couplings.[3] Couplings was co-authored with Aaron Rosenberg, and is noteworthy for the first Klingon/Jewish wedding ceremony, for which it was covered on NPR[4] and the Jewish weekly newspaper The Forward.[5][6] He also coauthored the "Redemption" story in the Star Trek: New Frontier anthology No Limits with Lisa Sullivan.

Hauman wrote the short stories "On The Air", which appeared in the anthology Ultimate X-Men, and "Chasing Hairy", which appeared in the anthology X-Men Legends. Both were featured on the Sci-Fi Channel's Seeing Ear Theater.[1] He also contributed to the anthology Urban Nightmares.

He was a founder of Hell's Kitchen Systems, Inc., which was purchased by Red Hat in 2000 for $85.6 million. He was a founder of BiblioBytes, an electronic publishing site, and was called a "young Turk of publishing" in the New York Observer.[1] BiblioBytes was a named plaintiff in Reno v. ACLU, which found the Communications Decency Act unconstitutional.[7] Hauman was also a founding board member of the World Wide Web Artists Consortium, and was the former chair of their Netlaw special interest group.[1]

Hauman is a columnist for ComicMix.[8][9] He also provided the color art for ComicMix's online publication of Mike Grell's Jon Sable, Freelance, which began in November 2007,[10] and was the Assistant Editor on The Original Johnson, a biographical comic book about boxer Jack Johnson.[11]

He serves as webmaster of the websites of writers Peter David and Robert Greenberger.[12] In April 2011, Hauman joined with Peter David, Michael Jan Friedman, Robert Greenberger, and Aaron Rosenberg in assembling an electronic publishing endeavor called Crazy Eight Press, which would allow them to publish e-books directly to fans.[8][13] Hauman provided the cover illustration of Peter David's 2012 vampire novel, Pulling Up Stakes.[14]

Hauman has been a featured speaker at numerous industry trade shows, conventions, organization meetings, and the World Science Fiction Convention.[1]

Personal lifeEdit

Hauman was born on March 4, 1969.[1] He attended New York University where he wrote for the student-run comedy magazine, The Plague.[15]

Hauman lives in Weehawken, New Jersey.[1][4][16]


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