Glass Maiden

Glass Maiden (クリスタル ブレイズ, original title Crystal Blaze) is a half-hour anime series, directed by Mitsuko Kase and broadcast on Chiba TV, KBS Kyoto, KIDS STATION, Sun TV, Tokyo MX TV, TV Aichi, TV Kanagawa and TV Saitama.

Glass Maiden
Crystal Blaze Logo.jpg
Screenshot of the logo from the animated series
クリスタル ブレイズ
(Crystal Blaze)
Anime television series
Directed byMitsuko Kase
StudioStudio Fantasia
Licensed by
Original networkChiba TV, KBS Kyoto, KIDS STATION, Sun TV, Tokyo MX TV, TV Aichi, TV Kanagawa, TV Saitama
Original run April 8, 2008 June 24, 2008
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The story follows a group of eclectic characters who form a detective agency through various escapes, with an arching plot concerning the protection of a humanoid character introduced in episode one as "cargo" intended to be a delivery job, but later revealed to be a survivor and escaped from an experiment that attempted to change female human beings into genetically-engineered weapons—called the HW series. The HW series was designed to be a weapon designed for military, this is in contrast to the BW series weapon, which is glass-based and causes targets to turn into glass for a brief moment before bursting into flames.


The DetectivesEdit

Shuu (シュウ, Shū)
Voiced by: Shin-ichiro Miki
The main protagonist of the story and boss of the detective agency, Shu is portrayed as a ladies' man with a brooding, enigmatic persona.
Akira (アキラ)
Voiced by: Ueda Yuji
Shū's younger brother, addressed in the program by a nickname he detests, Chi-Boss, given to him by Manami and Ayaka. His role is to get jobs on behalf of the agency.
Manami (マナミ)
Voiced by: Arai Satomi
One of two girls who work for the agency, Manami is a boisterous, unkempt character; she serves as comic relief or the foil in most episodes.
Ayaka (アヤカ)
Voiced by: Takahashi Mikako
The other girl in the detective agency. Of the two friends, she is more quiet and possesses better manners. She is often seen working with her computer.
Porilyn (ポリリン, Poririn)
Voiced by: Rokkaku Seiji
An effeminate man who acts as either mediator or customer for more difficult jobs that the agency takes on, monitoring everything using several surveillance cameras spread throughout the city.
Doc (先生, sensei)
Voiced by: Maruyama Eiji
A skilled doctor cast as the requisite pervert taking photos of his cosplay-prone assistant with different costumes, states one of his mottos in life is, "Without lust, humans are nothing."
Monica (モニカ, Monika)
Voiced by: Ito Miki
The assistant/nurse to the doctor character, she accommodates and enjoys the doctor's fetish for cosplay and inappropriate touching.

The Glass MaidensEdit

Sara (サラ) (HW-9)
Voiced by: Kobayashi Yu
The cargo who was supposed to be allowed to escape. Her average temperature is around 40 degrees Celsius. She is currently being pursued by an unknown group of women. She hates her designation (HW-9) and has adopted the name given to her by Manami. Her name Sara is derived from the town's name which means freedom. Sara also means silky in Japanese.
(nonspeaking character)
A quiet girl who hides her true form which is ultimately fierce and dangerous.

Supporting CharactersEdit

Voiced by:
The guitarist who works part time at a restaurant and a friend of Manami and Yuko.

The AntagonistsEdit

Kito (キトー, Kitō)
Voiced by: Inoue Norihiro
The main antagonist and the known leader of the organization who conducts the experiments for both the BW and HW series.
Kyrie (キリエ, Kirie)
Voiced by: Sawashiro Miyuki

Theme songEdit

Opening theme:

  1. "Never looking back ~Sukitooru Kokoro de 「Never looking back 〜透き通る心で」" by Rie

Ending theme:

  1. "qué sera-sera" by TASO (episodes 1–8)
  2. "Kokoroyo Kaze ni Nare 「こころよ 風になれ」" by TASO (episodes 9–12)


# Title Original air date
01"Episode 1"April 8, 2008 (2008-04-08)
Porilyn contacts Akira regarding a new job for Shu who is unfortunately nowhere to be found. Manami jumps on the opportunity to prove her worth as a detective and forces her friend Ayaka to come with her. They find themselves in hot water as the cargo turns out to be a naked female actively being chased by a group of dangerous-looking women. Gunfire erupts between the opposing parties and Manami becomes petrified with the scene unfolding in front of her. Her life is placed in great danger, but Shu arrives just in time. Shu then escapes with the mysterious woman, creating a diversion for Manami and Ayaka to escape. After Shu and the girl have gotten away from their pursuers, the group is reunited with the arrival of Porilyn, Akira, Manami and Ayaka.
02"Episode 2"April 15, 2008 (2008-04-15)
Having gotten away from the pursuers the mysterious woman, Shu, Akira, Manami, and Ayaka make their way to the hospital. The mysterious woman is then hospitalized because of a high fever. One of the clients from the local government is captured and killed by the insane doctor Kito. The mysterious woman then leaves her hospital room in order to protect her saviors from any trouble. Minami and Ayaka find her and then they encounter the pursuers. Q-Chan runs to protect the girls but is stopped in his tracks when one of the pursuers pulls out a gun forcing Akira to call him back. Shu comes for assistants and the pursuers are told to retreat for now. Ayaka gives the mysterious woman the name Sara which is derived from the town name Massara.
03"Episode 3"April 22, 2008 (2008-04-22)
04"Episode 4"April 29, 2008 (2008-04-29)
05"Episode 5"May 6, 2008 (2008-05-06)
06"Episode 6"May 13, 2008 (2008-05-13)
07"Episode 7"May 20, 2008 (2008-05-20)
08"Episode 8"May 27, 2008 (2008-05-27)
09"Episode 9"June 3, 2008 (2008-06-03)
10"Episode 10"June 10, 2008 (2008-06-10)
11"Episode 11"June 17, 2008 (2008-06-17)
12"Episode 12"June 24, 2008 (2008-06-24)


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