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Glasgow Film Office (GFO) is the film commission for Glasgow, Scotland's largest city and offers a free service to all productions wanting to film in the city. The office was established in 1997 for Glasgow City Council to support the logistical needs of film and television production.

In 1997, Glasgow City Council and Strathclyde Police signed the Film Charter for the City of Glasgow, which ensures that productions filming in the city have co-operation from filming liaison officers in Glasgow City Council departments and the Police. Glasgow Film Office can also provide location agreements for Council owned property and provide liaison with other statutory services and organisations.

GFO can also help find the right filming locations and have an online database.

In the past films such as The Jacket, The Last King of Scotland, House of Mirth and others have brought stars such as Morgan Freeman, Bob Hoskins, Keira Knightley, Gillian Anderson and Adrien Brody to the city while homegrown classics such as My Name Is Joe and Red Road generated critical acclaim. Programmes including Taggart and Rebus, and advertisements for global companies like Sony and Vodafone, have placed the locations of Glasgow on the world map.

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