Glåmdalen or Glommadal is a valley in Innlandet (formerly Hedmark County)[1] in Eastern Norway formed by the river Glomma (also called Glåma). Glåmdalen is also a newer designation for the traditional district around the river Glomma, especially Odalen, Solør and in a wider sense the name is used also by Østerdalen.


From Lake Aursund in the north on south to Elverum, the valley is called the Østerdalen. From that point south until Kongsvinger, it is referred to as Solør. As in turns westerly from Kongsvinger until Nes in the traditional district of Romerike in Akershus county, the Glåmdalen is called the Odalen. These designations are traditional districts, reflecting the designations locals used for their region.


Regional Councils in Norway (Interkommunale regionråd) are inter-municipal political cooperation bodies between neighboring municipalities in a district or particular geographical area. Each is operated with its own statutes or cooperative agreements on a wide field of activity. Seven municipalities in Innlandet cooperate in the Glåmdal Regional Council (Glåmdal regionråd):[2]


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