Gibica (also Gebicca, Gifica, Gjúki, Gebicar, Gibicho or Gippich) was the King of the Burgundians in the late 4th century until his death in or around 407. He was the father of Gundomar I, Giselher and Gunther.

King Gibica battles Hildebrand in Rosengarten zu Worms

He is mentioned in Widsith as Gifica and as Gjúki in the eddic poem Atlakviða, where he was the father of Gunnar (see Gunther). As one of the earliest kings of the Nibelungs, the clan is called the Gjúkungar.

In the Prose Edda, Snorri Sturluson says that Gjúki was the father of sons Gunnar and Hogni and a daughter Gudrun. Gotthorm (slayer of Sigurd) is his stepson from his wife Grimhild's previous marriage.

The Prose Edda mentions Gudny, a second daughter of Gjúki and Grimhild. In the Gudrunarkvida, this second daughter is named Gullrond.

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