Giuseppe d'Annibale

Giuseppe d'Annibale (22 September 1815 – 18 July 1892) was an Italian cardinal and theologian.

Giuseppe D'Annibale
Prefect of the Congregation for Indulgences and Sacred Relics
ChurchRoman Catholic Church
Appointed22 June 1890
Term ended18 July 1892
PredecessorCarlo Cristofori
SuccessorLuigi Sepiacci
Other post(s)Cardinal-Priest of Santi Bonifacio ed Alessio (1889-92)
Ordination21 September 1839
by Filippo de’ Conti Curoli
Consecration14 August 1881
by Raffaele Monaco La Valletta
Created cardinal11 February 1889
by Pope Leo XIII
Personal details
Giuseppe D'Annibale

22 September 1815
Died18 July 1892(1892-07-18) (aged 76)
Borbona, Rieti, Kingdom of Italy
ParentsGiuseppe D'Annibale
Maddalena Marinucci
Previous post(s)Titular Bishop of Carystus (1881-89)

He was appointed professor in the Seminary of Rieti and later vicar-general of the diocese. He was preconized Titular Bishop of Caryste by Pope Leo XIII on 12 August 1881, was created Cardinal-Priest of Santi Bonifacio e Alessio on 11 February 1889, and became Prefect of the Congregation for Indulgences and Sacred Relics. His treatise on moral theology is entitled "Summula theologiae moralis" (Milan, 1881–1883). Another work, a commentary on the Constitution "Apostolicae Sedis" (Rieti, 1880), is also valuable to theologians and canonists.

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