Giuseppe Motta (aviator)

Giuseppe Motta (died 1929) was an Italian World War I fighter pilot and seaplane air racer of the 1920s.

Giuseppe Motta
BornOctober 10, 1894
DiedAugust 22, 1929 (aged 34)
Lake Garda, Italy
Occupation(s)World War I fighter pilot
Air racer
Test pilot
A Macchi M.67 racing seaplane.

After World War I, Motta tested racing seaplanes for the Schneider Trophy race. He was killed during a test flight of the Macchi M.67 after having reached 583 kilometres per hour (362 mph). This world record held until George Stainforth broke the 400 miles per hour (640 km/h) barrier, on 29 September 1931.