Giulio Marchetti

Giulio Marchetti (9 June 1911 – 1 December 1993)[1] was an Italian stage, film and television actor and presenter.[2]

Giulio Marchetti
Giulio Marchetti.jpg
Born9 June 1911 (1911-06-09)
Barcelona, Spain
Died1 December 1993 (1994-01) (aged 82)
Rome, Italy

Life and careerEdit

Born in Barcelona, Marchetti was the grandson of the operetta actor and comedian Giulio and the son of the theatrical artistic director Adriano.[3]

After completing high school in Bologna, he began his stage career as a vaudeville actor and singer in the style of the American minstrel show performers.[3] He got a large popularity between early 1940s and mid-1950s, thanks to a series of successful revues.[3] He was also active, as a character actor, in a number of films and television series, often working alongside Totò.[3]

Marchetti is also well known in Italy as the presenter for many years of the show Giochi senza frontiere.[3][4] In the early 1970s he decided to abandon the showbusiness and became the owner of a service station.[3]

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