Giro del Mendrisiotto

Giro del Mendrisiotto is a road bicycle race held annually around Mendrisio, in the canton of Ticino of Switzerland. The race was an amateur competition until 1996. Since 2005, it is organized as a 1.2 event on the UCI Europe Tour. In 2010 the race was excluded from the UCI calendar, once again becoming a national event.

Giro del Mendrisiotto
Race details
RegionTicino, Switzerland
English nameTour of Mendrisiotto
CompetitionUCI Europe Tour
TypeSingle day race
First edition1933 (1933)
Editions72 (as of 2012)
First winner Enrico Gerosa (SUI)
Most wins Gilbert Glaus (SUI) (3 wins)
Most recent Marcel Aregger (SUI)


Year Country Rider Team
1933    Switzerland Enrico Gerosa
1934    Switzerland Fausto Introzzi
1935    Switzerland Ettore Maestrani
1936    Switzerland Fermo Radaelli
1937    Switzerland Fermo Radaelli
1938    Switzerland Walter Diggelmann
1939   Germany Ernesto Kuhn
No race
1947    Switzerland Franco Fanri
1948 No race
1949    Switzerland Remo Pianezzi
1950    Switzerland Hans Pfenninger
1951   Italy Rino Benedetti
1952    Switzerland Fausto Lurati
1953    Switzerland Attilio Moresi
1954    Switzerland Vittorio Mazzuchelli
1955    Switzerland Armando Ceroni
1956    Switzerland Adriano De Gasperi
1957    Switzerland Alfred Ruegg
1958    Switzerland Giancarlo Poiano
1959   Italy Arturo Sabbadin
1960    Switzerland Rolf Maurer
1961   France Jean Jourden
1962    Switzerland Robert Hintermüller
1963    Switzerland Gilbert Fatton
1964    Switzerland Hans Luethi
1965    Switzerland Hans Luethi
1966   Italy Vladimiro Palazzi
1967    Switzerland Walter Richard
1968    Switzerland Arthur Schlatter
1969    Switzerland Franco Maietti
1970    Switzerland Germano Mignami
1971    Switzerland Josef Fuchs
1972    Switzerland Xavier Kurmann
1973    Switzerland Robert Thalmann
1974    Switzerland Ivan Schmid
1975    Switzerland Roland Schär
1976    Switzerland Gabriele Mirri
1977    Switzerland Gilbert Glaus
1978    Switzerland Stefan Mutter
1979    Switzerland Kurt Ehrensberger
1980    Switzerland Gilbert Glaus
1981    Switzerland Gilbert Glaus
1982    Switzerland Jürg Bruggmann
1983    Switzerland Richard Trinkler
1984    Switzerland Benno Wyss
1985    Switzerland Thomas Wegmüller
1986   Australia Stephen Hodge
1987    Switzerland Daniel Huwyler
1988   Australia Scott Sunderland
1989   Australia Barney St. George
1990    Switzerland Pascal Jaccard
1991    Switzerland Daniel Huwyler
1992   Ukraine Serhiy Utchakov
1993   Denmark Christian Andersen
1994   Austria Peter Luttenberger
1995    Switzerland Ralph Gartmann
1996   Italy Salvatore Commesso
1997    Switzerland Beat Zberg Mercatone Uno
1998    Switzerland Felice Puttini Ros Mary-Amica Chips
1999   Italy Valentino Fois Vini Caldirola
2000    Switzerland Felice Puttini Alessio
2001    Switzerland Alexandre Moos Phonak
2002   Ukraine Ruslan Gryshchenko Zoccorinese Vellutex
2003   Poland Mariusz Wiesiak Pacific-Da-Ver
2004   Italy Giuseppe De Maria Vellutex Palazzago
2005   Italy Michele Maccanti LPR–Piacenza
2006   Italy Daniele De Paoli Team LPR
2007    Switzerland Andreas Dietziker Team LPR
2008   Italy Eddy Serri Miche-Silver Cross
2009   Lithuania Ignatas Konovalovas Cervélo TestTeam
2010    Switzerland Andreas Dietziker Vorarlberg–Corratec
2011    Switzerland Mirco Saggiorato Atlas Personal
2012    Switzerland Marcel Aregger Atlas Personal-Jakroo

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