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Charlie Yin, better known by his stage name Giraffage, is an American electronic music record producer. Yin, who is of Taiwanese descent, grew up in San Jose, California, and graduated from the University of California, Berkeley with a degree in political economics before pursuing his musical career.[1] Most recently Yin has collaborated with other electronic music producers, including Porter Robinson. As Giraffage, Yin regularly performs at venues in his native San Francisco Bay Area and has performed both independently and along with other artists across the world.

Birth nameCharlie Yin
OriginSan Francisco, California
GenresElectronica, R&B, ambient, hypnagogic pop
Occupation(s)Producer, performer, musician
Years active2011–present
LabelsCounter Records (current)
Associated actsRobot Science, XXYYXX, Porter Robinson

In addition to numerous remixes of various pop and R&B tracks, Giraffage has produced three full-length studio albums, including Comfort in 2011, and Needs in 2013. His last EP, No Reason, was released on November 18, 2014.[2]

His third full-length album, Too Real, was released on October 20, 2017.


Yin has received considerable attention[clarification needed] for his remixes of popular R&B songs and solo tracks. He has performed as Giraffage at numerous locations worldwide, including the Boiler Room,[3] Low End Theory,[4] NYU Kimmel and more. His music has won praise from blogs such as Pitchfork,[5] XLR8R,[6] and The FADER.[7][8] His songs have been described as "pleasantly ambient and sample-laden instrumentals",[6] or "bedroom dream-pop",[9] and feature "atmospheric pads ... familiar, hip-hop-flavored 808 percussion",[6] "looping guitars, 808 thuds and clacks, and diced-up vocals".[9] His music is compared with that of Shlohmo and Baths.[6]

Giraffage released his debut EP Pretty Things in May 2011.[10] He released his debut album, Comfort, later in 2011.[6]

In 2012, he went on a 30-date European tour[11] with Orlando producer XXYYXX after releasing the shared EP Even Though.[12] In a review, The FADER wrote that Even Though "shines with swelling bass, surprise birdcalls and geysers of sound, like you tossed a penny in a well and $40 in quarters splashed up."[13] Giraffage has also collaborated with other musicians, as he released the single "Move Me" with Jhameel and DWNTWN in 2013.[14]

Giraffage signed to Alpha Pup Records in early 2013.[15] In February 2013, he released his second album Needs.[16] In fall 2013, he toured across the US in support of Phantogram.[17] In February 2014, he remixed the entirety of The-Dream's Love/Hate LP, receiving approval from The FADER, who stated they could not "remember a moment of anticipation right before hitting the play button as happy as the one I just experienced."[18] Among other festivals, he notably performed at the Treasure Island Music Festival 2013,[19] the Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival 2013,[20] Decibel Festival 2013,[21] What the Festival in Oregon in June 2014[22] and UCSD's Sun God Festival in May 2014.[23] Amongst his international acts, he also performed at Beyond the Valley, Melbourne (Dec 2016) and Field Day, Sydney, Australia on 1st of Jan 2017 and had a considerable audience and a positive vibe.

Giraffage performed as the main support during Porter Robinson's "Worlds" tour of North America from August 28 to October 18, 2014. In November of that year he released the No Reason EP through Fool's Gold Records.

In July 2015 Giraffage collaborated with producer Viceroy and vocalist Patrick Baker on the song "Impression of You", released through Dim Mak Records.

In 2017, Giraffage signed to Counter Records (a label within the Ninja Tune family which is also home to ODESZA, RAC, Daktyl, Conner Youngblood, Laurel, etc.) for his third full-length album release. The album launched with first single "Slowly" ft. Matosic and was officially released on October 20, 2017 worldwide.

Previous projectsEdit

Prior to Giraffage, Yin produced chiptune music under the moniker "Robot Science"[24] in 2009 with the debut EP Doodads.[25] He followed this up with Square in 2010[26] and Good Luck in 2011.[27]



  • Comfort (2011)
  • Needs (2013)
  • Too Real (2017)


  • Pretty Things (2011)
  • No Reason (2014)


  • Even Though (with XXYYXX) (2012)
  • Move Me (with Jhameel and DWNTWN) (2013)
  • Impression of You (with Viceroy and Patrick Baker) (2015)
  • Bring Me Your Love (2016)


Year Artist Track
2011 Slow Magic "Sorry Safari"
Slow Magic "Feel Flows"
2012 Gracie "Tryck R Treat"
Tinashe "The Last Night On Earth"
Labyrinth Ear "Humble Bones"
2013 Perfume "Computer City"
Janet Jackson "Someone To Call My Lover"
Owl Eyes "Closure"
Stardust "Music Sounds Better With You"
Alice DeeJay "Better Off Alone"
2014 The-Dream Love Hate
Mapei "Don't Wait"
R. Kelly "Ignition (Remix)"*
Porter Robinson "Lionhearted"
2015 Odesza "All We Need" (feat. Shy Girls)
Tinashe "All Hands on Deck"

(*The R. Kelly remix was later reworked into an original track entitled "Be With You" and included on the No Reason EP.)


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