Gira (bicycle rental)

Gira is a bike rental scheme in Lisbon, Portugal, which rents bikes to residents and tourists. Bikes with pedal-assist motors (e-bikes) are available in the scheme, which costs €2 a day for tourists and €15 a month or €25 a year for residents.[1] Bikes must be docked at stations around the city, and are free for the first 45 minutes and €2 for each 45 minutes after that. The city hopes that there will be stations in all parishes of the city by 2020 when Lisbon is the European Green Capital.[2]

The bikes can be unlocked with an app, although in 2018 there were reports that the app frequently crashed.[3] It has also been reported that there are not enough e-bikes available.[2] As of December 2020, there are 600 conventional and e-bikes in operation, with a further 700 e-bikes to be added in the first quarter of 2021. The number of docking stations will also rise from 84 to 164 by summer 2021.[4]


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