Giovanni Battista Michelini

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Giovanni Battista Michelini (also called il Folignate) (1604–1655) was an Italian painter of the Baroque period, active mainly in Foligno and Rome. He was born in Foligno, but became a pupil of Guido Reni. He painted mainly religious and mythological subjects.

San Nicola da Tolentin, 1650 ca., Sant'Agostino (Gubbio)

Known works

  • Hall of Cupid, Hall of Apollo: two frescoed rooms in the Palazzo Pierantoni in Foligno
  • The Foundation of Foligno: frescoed ceiling in the Palazzo De Comitibus, Foligno
  • an ensemble of large allegorical frescoes, in the church of S. Filippo, Bevagna
  • Madonna and Child with St. Elysius (oil on canvas): Foligno, church of San Giovanni Decollato
  • Holy Family, St. Catherine, and an Immaculate Conception: all three works in Foligno, monastery of Santa Caterina
  • Madonna and child with saints (oil on canvas): church of San Francesco della Pace, Gubbio
  • Scenes from the life of San Filippo Benizi (damaged frescoes in the lower arcade of the cloister of the Church of San Giacomo (Foligno)