Giorgio A. Tsoukalos

Giorgio A. Tsoukalos (/ˈskələs/, Greek: Γεώργιος Τσούκαλος; born 14 March 1978) is a Swiss-born writer, and television presenter and producer. He is a ufologist and a promoter of the ancient astronauts hypothesis.[2] He is best known for his appearances on Ancient Aliens, a History channel series of which he is also producer.[3]

Giorgio A. Tsoukalos
Giorgio Tsoukalos 2016 (cropped).jpg
Tsoukalos at AlienCon 2016
Born (1978-03-14) 14 March 1978 (age 45)
EducationIthaca College
  • Writer
  • Television producer


Tsoukalos is of Greek-Austrian heritage.[4] He is a 1998 graduate of Ithaca College in Ithaca, New York, with a bachelor's degree in Communications.[5] For several years he worked as a bodybuilding promoter and a volunteer in IFBB sanctioned bodybuilding contests, including Mr. Olympia.[6] He produced and directed the annual IFBB San Francisco Pro Grand Prix from 2001 to 2005.[7][5]

Since 2002, Tsoukalos has appeared in programs broadcast by Travel Channel, History, Syfy, and National Geographic. He was the editor of Legendary Times magazine from 1999 to 2008.[8][9][10] He is a co-executive producer of Ancient Aliens, and he has appeared in more than 200 episodes since 2009.[11] He presented and co-produced the 2014 H2 series In Search of Aliens.[12]

Ancient Aliens memeEdit

Tsoukalos's appearances in Ancient Aliens inspired a meme highlighting his unusual hairstyle overlaid with the caption: "I'm not saying it was aliens … but …"[13] Variations of the meme were uploaded by users as early as November 2010.[13][14] According to, the meme mimicked "the tone of conviction used by Tsoukalos to present unfounded far-fetched pseudo-logic as fact."[14]

In a 2015 Reddit AMA, Tsoukalos said he loved the meme, adding "it's a great honor to have been embraced" by Internet users.[4][15] During a 2016 appearance on CNN Philippines, Tsoukalos's meme-ification was discussed at length. A partial transcript of the interview was later published online as "Meet the Hair Guy from Ancient Aliens."[16]

In 2021, Tsoukalos made a cameo appearance in the Resident Alien episode "Welcome Aliens". He was described by the lead character as "that high-haired gentleman".[17] The episode included several references to Ancient Aliens meme.[18] Tsoukalos reprised his cameo in the 2022 episode "Best of Enemies".


Year Title Role Notes
2002 In Search of Self 1 episode; Credited as an Egyptologist
2003 Is It Real? Episode: "Ancient Astronauts"
Is There a Stargate? Documentary short
2007 Mysterious Journeys 3 episodes[5]
2008 Indiana Jones and the Ultimate Quest TV documentary[5]
2008–2016 Coast to Coast AM 9 episodes;[19] Syndicated radio program
2009 Race to Witch Mountain Giorgio Tsoukalos (cameo) Uncredited appearance
UFO Hunters Self 3 episodes[5]
2009–2022 Ancient Aliens Self / Producer
  • 209 episodes
  • Consulting producer (2009–2015)
  • Co-executive producer (2015–2022)
2010 Extreme Universe Self Episode: "Star Gates"
2011 The Mo'Nique Show 1 episode; Archive footage appeared in later episodes
2011–12 The Joe Rogan Experience Episodes #125 and #232; Podcast
2013 America's Book of Secrets Episode: "The Ancient Astronaut Cover-Up"
2014 In Search of Aliens Self / Presenter 10 episodes; Credited as co-executive producer
2017 Ancient Aliens Declassified Self 6 episodes; Highlights from Ancients Aliens
Next Week with Jeff Durbin Episode: "Conspiracy Theories and Sam McClure"; Archive footage
2018 BuzzFeed Unsolved Supernatural Episode: "The Unexplained Phoenix Lights Phenomenon"
The Noite com Danilo Gentili Episode: "Ufólogos"
2019 Truth-Seekers Giorgio (cameo) Short film
2020 The UnXplained Self Episode: "The Truth About UFO's"
2021–22 Resident Alien Giorgio Tsoukalos (cameo) 2 episodes
2022 Les Secrets du miracle de Fatima Self TV documentary; Archive footage


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