Gingerbread (novel)

Gingerbread (2002) is the first book in a teen novel/series written by Rachel Cohn.[1] The book is about "Cyd Charisse", a punk girl who lives in San Francisco with her parents Nancy and Sid, and siblings Ashley and Josh, and her surf-crossed lover Shrimp. She goes to NYC to try to find out about her father and family. The next two books in this young-adult series are Shrimp (2005) and Cupcake (2008).

First edition (publ. Simon & Schuster)


The characters in the novel Gingerbread are described, below, using in-universe tone:

  • Cyd Charisse is the narrator of all the books. She is a teenage girl who drives her mother, Nancy, crazy, and is a self-proclaimed "man's woman".
  • Shrimp is Cyd's on-and-off boyfriend throughout the series. He is a mellow surfer and artist.
  • Wallace, who is nicknamed Java because of the coffee shop he runs, is Shrimp's brother and also Delia's boyfriend. Cyd had a short-term crush on him. He is another surfer.
  • Delia is Java's girlfriend. She worked with him in his coffee shop. Delia is a great dancer in the story.
  • Sugar Pie was Cyd's first friend. She lives in an assisted living facility. Cyd and Sugar Pie met when Cyd had to do community service there, but now Cyd visits all the time, just to see Sugar.
  • Helen is another friend of Cyd. Her family owns a Chinese restaurant, and she likes to make her mother angry. Helen is an artist and has blue dogs.


The novel Gingerbread received the following awards:[1]


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