Gina Cabrera

Luisa Georgina Cabrera Parada (28 May 1928 – 3 January 2022), better known as Gina Cabrera, was a Cuban film, television, stage and voice actress.

Gina Cabrera
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Born(1928-05-28)28 May 1928
Died3 January 2022(2022-01-03) (aged 93)
Havana, Cuba


Cabrera began her career as a child actress at 8 years old, working on radio dramas and on stage with the Roberto Rodríguez' Compañía Infantil (Children's Company).[1] She made her film debut in 1945, in François Betancourt's Sed de amor, and in the 1950s she appeared in a number of popular Cuban and Mexican films, notably the controversial The White Rose directed by Emilio Fernández.[1] She was a top star of Cuban state television from its foundation until the 1990s.[1] In 1961 she headed the CMQ television and radio department of the Cuban literacy campaign.[2][3] In 2003 she was awarded a lifetime Premio Nacional de Televisión [es] for her career.[1][2]

Her final years were difficult, with Cabrera infirm, largely forgotten by the public and receiving poor "food aid" from the state.[4][5] She died on 3 January 2022, at the age of 93.[3]


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