Kim Jong-jik (Korean김종직; June 1431 – 19 August 1492), often known by his art name Jeompiljae (Korean점필재), was a leading Korean Neo-Confucian scholar in the early Joseon dynasty. He was born in Miryang in Gyeongsang Province, to a yangban family of the Seonsan Gim clan. He passed the jinsa literary licentiate examination in 1453 and the higher examination in 1459.

Gim Jong-jik
Shrine to Gim Jong-jik in Miryang
Korean name
Revised RomanizationGim Jongjik
McCune–ReischauerGim Chongjik
Courtesy name
Revised RomanizationGyeon / Hyogwan
McCune–ReischauerKyeon / Hyogwan
Posthumous name
Revised RomanizationMunchung
Art name
Revised RomanizationJeompiljae

After passing the examination, Gim entered government service, holding a wide range of positions. He earned the special favor of King Seongjong, as well as the enmity of the Hungu (Loyal Retainers) faction.

After his death, Gim Jong-jik's writings became the basis for the First literati purge of 1498 under the rule of Yeonsangun. His students included Gim Il-son who was killed in the first literati purge, and Gim Goeng-pil, who was killed in the subsequent Second literati purge of 1504 along with many others. Gim Jong-jik's memory was later rehabilitated, and he was enshrined in various seowon including Yerim Seowon in Miryang and Geumo Seowon in Gumi.

Family Edit

  • Great-Great-Great-Grandfather
    • Kim Gwang-wi (김광위, 金光偉)
  • Great-Grandfather
    • Kim Eun-yu (김은유, 金恩宥)
  • Great-Grandmother
    • Lady Kim (김씨, 金氏); daughter of Kim Ryeon (산원동정 김련, 金鍊)
  • Grandfather
    • Kim Gwan (김관, 金琯) (1359 - 1 August 1431)
  • Grandmother
    • Lady Yu of the Indong Yu clan (인동 유씨, 仁同 兪氏) (? - 21 July 1431); daughter of Yu In-gwi (유인귀)
  • Father
    • Kim Suk-ja (김숙자, 金叔滋) (24 August 1389 - 2 March 1456)
      • Uncle - Kim Suk-chi (김숙치, 金叔淄)
      • Aunt - Lady Kim of the Seonsan Kim clan (선산 김씨, 善山 金氏)[1]
        • Uncle - Ryu Hong (류홍, 柳洪)[2]
          • Cousin - Ryu So (류소, 柳沼)[3]
  • Mother
    • Biological - Lady Park of the Miryang Park clan (밀양 박씨) (28 November 1400 - 21 December 1479); second wife
      • Grandfather - Park Hong-shin (사재감정 박홍신, 朴弘信)
      • Grandmother - Lady Min of the Yeoheung Min clan (여흥 민씨); daughter of Min Wi (삼사사 좌윤 민위, 閔暐)
    • Step - Lady Han of the Goksan Han clan (곡산 한씨, 谷山 韓氏); first wife
      • Step-grandfather - Han Byeon (한변, 韓變)
  • Sibling(s)
    • Older half-brother - Kim Jong-bo (김종보, 金宗輔)
      • Half-nephew - Kim Jeok (김적, 金績)
    • Older half-brother - Kim Jong-ik (김종익, 金宗翼)
      • Sister-in-law - Lady Bae; daughter of Bae Woo (배우)
    • Older half-sister - Lady Kim of the Seonsan Kim clan (선산 김씨, 善山 金氏)
      • Brother-in-law - Kim Jong-ro (김중로, 金仲老) of the Sangju Kim clan
    • Older half-sister - Lady Kim of the Seonsan Kim clan (선산 김씨, 善山 金氏)
      • Brother-in-law - Kang Cheok (강척, 康惕)
    • Older brother - Kim Jong-seok (김종석, 金宗碩) (23 November - March 1460)
    • Older brother - Kim Jong-yu (김종유, 金宗裕)
    • Younger sister - Lady Kim of the Seonsan Kim clan (선산 김씨, 善山 金氏)
      • Brother-in-law - Min Je (민제, 閔除)
  • Wives and their issue
    • Lady Jo of the Changnyeong Jo clan (창녕 조씨); daughter of Jo Gye-mun (울진현령 조계문, 曺繼文)
      • Son - Kim Eok (김억, 金繶)
      • Daughter - Lady Kim of the Seonsan Kim clan (선산 김씨, 善山 金氏)
        • Son-in-law - Yu Se-mi (유세미, 柳世湄) of the Jeonju Yu clan (전주 유씨)
      • Son - Kim Gon (김곤, 金緄)
        • Daughter-in-law - Lady Kim of the Gyeongju Kim clan (경주 김씨, 慶州 金氏); daughter of Kim Man-seong (김맹성, 金孟性; 1374 - 1449)
      • Son - Kim Dam (김담, 金紞)
      • Daughter - Lady Kim of the Seonsan Kim clan (선산 김씨, 善山 金氏)
        • Son-in-law - Yi Haek (이핵, 李翮) of the Pasan Yi clan (파산 이씨)
    • Lady Moon of the Nampyeong Moon clan (남평 문씨, 南平 文氏); daughter of Moon Geuk-jeong (첨정 문극정, 文克貞)
      • Son - Kim Sung-nyeon (김숭년, 金嵩年)
      • Daughter - Lady Kim of the Seonsan Kim clan (선산 김씨, 善山 金氏)

Works Edit

  • Jeompiljaejip (점필재집, 佔畢齋集)
  • Cheonggupunga (청구풍아, 靑丘風雅)
  • Dongmunsu (동문수, 東文粹)
  • Danghuilgi (당후일기)
  • Yuduyurok (유두유록, 遊頭流錄)
  • Gihaengrok (기행록, 紀行錄)

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References Edit

  1. ^ With her husband, they eventually became the great-great-great-grandparents to Ryu Seong-ryong
  2. ^ His sister, Princess Consort Jinsan of the Jinju Ryu clan (진산군부인 진주 류씨; 1506 - 1532), was the first wife of Prince Hoean, the only of King Jungjong with Royal Consort Suk-ui of the Namyang Hong clan
  3. ^ Was the progenitor of the Jeongju Ryu clan through his descendant who founded the clan, Ryu Cheon-gung

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