Gilyto Semedo, aka Mr. Entertainer is a Cape Verdean Singer, Songwriter, Dancer, TV & Music Producer, Cultural Activist, Mentor Of Cabo Verde Music Awards-CVMA and PALOP Music Awards - PALOPMA.

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Gilyto on stage
Gilyto Semedo

Other namesAKA Mr. Entertainer
Occupationsinger, Dancer, Tv and Music Producer, Cultural Activist
Years active1999-Present
Traduson pa tradison
Gilyto - launch of his CD Stribilin! Praia da Gambôa, July 5, 2009
Gala Talentu Strela
2011 Cabo Verde Music Awards
Interview at CVMA 2012
Gilyto and Soiraia de Deus at the 2014 CV Music Awards


Gilyto was born in Assomada, Santa Catarina. In 1987 he moved to Portugal, in Lisbon he made his studies and later resided in Rotterdam The Netherlands too. He recorded his first album Kel Tempu ("Aquele Tempo" in Portuguese, "That Time" in English) in 1999, his second was recorded in 2001 and was titled Nha Atriz Principal (My Main Actress) which he received his first Disco de Ouro - Gold Record award. He made various shows in Africa, Europe and Americas. The album Diamante Africana (African Diamond) was released on April 2005, became a huge successful. His first DVD "Mr. Entertainer" was released in the same year too (December 2015).

Traduson pa Tradison, a double album was released in December 2006(Acoustic). Two years later he released his Live DVD Live@Luxembourg (2008). A modern dance album Stribilin! came out on July 5, 2009.

He paused his music career in 2010 and in 2011 he started producing the first ever Cabo Verde Music Awards (CVMA) - March 12, through is Label GMS Entertainment.

Twelve years of his music career Best Of which were released on CD and DVD in December 2011. He also produced Novo Formato dos Festivais Pago in Cape Verde for the 21st Festival da Gamboa in Praia and Festival de Areia Grande-Pedra Badejo 15 Anos de Funaná/Kizomba on June 26, 2014 to commemorates fifteen years of his career, includes two new singles "Ranja Ku Mi" and "Segredu Sabi di Sabe". He was honored by the Municipality of Santa Catarina on November 25, the place of his birth. New Single "Peace and Love" was released on Valentine's Day, Feb. 14, 2015.

He was also honored by the Municipality of Santa Cruz(CV) and the mayor of Boston, Massachusetts(USA) Martin J. Walsh on May 2015 and Radio station "Nha Terra" (Roxbury) in recognition of his 15 years of his career and the contribution that he gave on the Cape Verdean culture. Cultural's Projects with impact like "Talentu Strela" and "Cabo Verde Music Awards -CVMA".

The Single "Poder di Povu!" was released in Feb. 2016.

Also In 2016 the Mayor Bill Carpenter - City Of Brockton, Massachusetts(USA) honored Gilyto and his team CVMA for the 6th Edition of Cabo Verde Music Awards.

Gilyto is now working on the project "PALOP MUSIC AWARDS - PALOPMA 2017"...

Musical stylesEdit

His musical styles includes funana, kizomba, zouk, cabozouk, dance, cabo love and R & B.


  • 1999 – Kel Tempu (That Time)
  • 2001 – Nha Atriz Principal (My Main Actress)
  • 2005 – Diamante Africana (African Diamond)
  • 2006 – Traduson Pa Tradison (Acoustic)
  • 2008 – Live@Luxembourg - Live album
  • 2008 – Cabo Zouk in Brasil (Cabo Zouk in Brazil)
  • 2009 - Stribilin!'
  • 2011 - Best Of
  • 2014 -15 Anos de Funaná/Kizomba (15 Years of Funaná and Kizomba) - Double disc


  • Mr. Entertainer, 2005
  • Live@Luxembourg, 2008
  • Stribilin!, 2009
  • Best Of, 2011


Single Year Album
"Cynthia" 1999 Kel Tempu
"Larga" 1999 Kel Tempu
"Tenho medo" 2001 Lusodance 4
"Sereia N'areia" 2001 "Nha Atriz Principal"
"Atriz Principal" 2001 Nha Atriz Principal"
"Diamante Afriana" 2005 Diamante Africana
"Bágu na Txáda" 2005 "Diamante Africana"
"Nôs Terra Morabeza" 2008 "Tradison Pa Tradison"
"Stribilin!" 2009 Stribilin!
"Champanhe & Chocolate" 2009 Stribilin!
"Sta na Môda" 2009 Stribilin!
"Ranja ku Mi" 2014 15 Anos de Funaná/Kizomba
"Segredu Sabi di Sabe" 2014 15 Anos de Funaná/Kizomba
"Peace and Love" 2015
"Poder di Povu" 2016


  • 2001 – CD Lusodance IV
  • 2003 – CD Explosão Love
  • 2006 – CD/DVD Dança África 2
  • 2007 – CD Kizomba Mix
  • 2007 – CD/DVD Eddu (Prendem na Bô)
  • 2007 - DVD/CD O Canto dos Animais (Animal Songs) (children's work)
  • 2011 - CD Papagaio & As Moranguitas (children's work)
  • 2011 - CD BCA
  • 2012 - Papagaio & As Moranguitas (children's audiobook)
  • 2014 - 2 CDs Papagaio & As Moranguitas (children's book)


  • O Canto Dos Animais”,
  • Padrinho da Escola: Girassol da Várzea (Praia, Cabo Verde)
  • Padrinho da FICASE
  • Padrinho da Escola: Achada Galedo
  • O Papagaio & As Moranguitas
  • Talentu Strela
  • Primeiro Hino da Seleção Caboverdiana de Futebol(Tubarões Azuis)
  • Novo Formato dos Festivais Pago em Cabo Verde - GAMBÔA 2013 & SANTA CRUZ(Pedra Badejo).

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