Gilles Poitras

Gilles Poitras is a Canadian author of books relating to anime and manga, topics that he first discovered in 1977.[1] He is a librarian at Golden Gate University in San Francisco.[2][3] In addition to the books he has authored, Poitras also regularly contributed columns to Newtype USA, a former monthly magazine which covered anime and manga industry and related popular culture.[4]

Gilles Poitras
Poitras standing next to a stage holding a microphone.
Gilles Poitras at FanimeCon 2018
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Poitras has appeared in several documentaries discussing various aspects of anime and manga fan culture,[5] and has been a guest at over 35 fan and industry conventions.[6]


Born in Quebec, Poitras has two Master's degrees, a Library Science Master's from the University of California at Berkeley and a Master's in Theology from Pacific School of Religion in Berkeley.[7]


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