Gil Hae-yeon

Gil Hae-yeon (Korean: 길해연) is a South Korean actress. She is best known to North American audiences for her performance in the film In Her Place, for which she garnered a Canadian Screen Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress at the 3rd Canadian Screen Awards in 2015[1] and won the Wildflower Film Award for Best Supporting Actress at the 3rd Wildflower Film Awards in 2016.[2]

Gil Hae-yeon
Gil Hae-yeon 길해연 2022.png
Gil Hae-yeon in March 2022
Born (1964-04-11) April 11, 1964 (age 59)
South Korea
EducationDongduk Women's University - Korean Language and Literature
Years active1985–present
AgentJust Entertainment
Korean name
Revised RomanizationGil Hae-yeon
McCune–ReischauerKil Hae-yŏn

In South Korea, her roles have included the television series Goodbye Mr. Black, Working Mom Parenting Daddy, Possessed, Something in the Rain, One Spring Night and Woman of 9.9 Billion. She is most active as a supporting actress, playing role of main characters' mothers.



Year Title Role Notes
2003 If You Were Me Jeong-hyeon
2005 Mapado woman from Jeju
Flowering Day Hee-jung (short film)[3]
Friendly and Harmonious (educational film)
The Intimate art factory manager
2006 Art of Fighting Yeong-ae's mother
2007 Mapado 2 woman from Jeju
The Elephant on the Bike Dong-gyu's mother [4]
Seven Days hospital director
I Need Some Sleep mother
2008 Living Together, Happy Together Gyeong-mi
Baby and I Ki-seok's mother
2009 Breathless Yeon-hee's mother
The Pot Missionary Jang
Fortune Salon Seung-won's sister-in-law
2011 Late Blossom Kun-bong's daughter-in-law
Re-encounter Han-soo's mother
Meet the In-Laws housekeeper (special appearance)
2012 Choked Hee-soo
Don't Cry Mommy nun
2013 Pluto Joon's mother
If You Were Me 6 mother
Ingtoogi: The Battle of Internet Trolls Tae-Sik's mother
2014 Cart Real customer (special appearance)
Our Older Sister Bolero (special appearance)
In Her Place mother
2015 Granny’s Got Talent housemaid (special appearance)
2016 Insane Kang Soo-ah's mother
Missing Ji-sun's mother-in-law
2017 The Mimic Kim Moo-nyeo
Memoir of a Murderer Maria
The First Lap Soo-hyun's mother
2019 Mate Geum-hee
Inseparable Bros Jung-soon
Long Live The King Choon-taek's mother (special appearance)
House of Hummingbird Young-ji's mother
2021 Midnight Kyung-mi's mother
2023 Unlocked Je-yeon
TBA Dolphin [5]

Television seriesEdit

Year Title Role Notes
2012 How Long I've Kissed Ha Sum-jin
2013 The End of the World Jung Sang-sook
2014 Secret Affair Ms. Baek
Doctor Stranger Kim Eun-hee (Oh Soo-hyun's mother)
2015 Miss Mamma Mia Ma Hae-yeon
Heard It Through the Grapevine Yang Jae-hwa
Assembly Chun No-shim
Cheer Up! Director Lee
Riders: Catch Tomorrow Bae Mi-Sun
2016 Puck! Gyeong-pil's mother
Moorim School: Saga of the Brave Gye Mi-sook (special appearance)
Yeah, That's How It Is So-hyang
Babysitter Yoo Sang-won's mother
Goodbye Mr. Black Hong In-ja
Working Mom Parenting Daddy Lee Hae-soon [6]
My Fair Lady Kim Young-ji
2017 Naked Fireman Jeong-soon [7]
Queen of Mystery murderer (special appearance)
Hospital Ship Hwang In-kyung's mother (special appearance)
The Most Beautiful Goodbye Dr. Yoon
Two Cops nun
2018 Something in the Rain Kim Mi-yeon (Jin-ah's mother) [8]
What's Wrong with Secretary Kim woman at parking (special appearance)
The Ghost Detective Hwang Young-hee
Too Bright for Romance Pil-yong's mother KBS Drama Special (special appearance)
Matrimonial Chaos Jin Yoo-young's mother (special appearance)
Encounter Teacher Lee (Tea house)
2019 Possessed Shin Geum-jo (Seo-jung's mother)
My Fellow Citizens! Kim Kyung-ae (Sang-jin's mother)
One Spring Night Shin Hyeong-seon (Jeong-in's mother) [9]
Melting Me Softly Yoo Hyang-ja (Mi-ran's mother)
Woman of 9.9 Billion Jang Geum-ja
2020 Find Me in Your Memory Seo Mi-hyun
Do You Like Brahms? Song Jeong-hee
2021 Beyond Evil Do Hae-won
Law School Oh Jung-Hee
Voice Gam Jong-suk Season 4[10]
Drama Special – Scenery of Pain old woman [11]
2022 Cleaning Up Bo-ran [12]
If You Wish Upon Me Choi Deok-ja [13]
Mental Coach Jegal Shim Bok-ja [14]
2023 Strangers Again Hong Yeo-rae [15]

Web seriesEdit

Year Title Role Notes Ref.
2021 You Me Up Do Yong-shik's mother Cameo [16]
The Silent Sea Director Choi
2023 Park Ha-kyung's Travel Journal Cameo [17]


Year English title Korean title Role Ref.
2022–2023 Misery 미저리 Annie Wilkes [18]


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