Gióng Festival

Gióng Festival (Vietnamese: Hội Gióng) is a traditional festival which is celebrated annually in many parts of Hanoi to honour the mythical hero, Thánh Gióng "Saint Giong," who is credited with defending the country against foreign enemies. The festival was listed on the UNESCO List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage.[1][2]

Hội Gióng1.jpg


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  2. ^ Thị Thanh Bình Nguyễn, Dana Healy Aspects of Vietnamese culture 2002 Page 46 "Chùa Thấy is also famous for its beautiful mountain scenery Hội Gióng (Dóng) traditional festival, which takes place in Phù Đổng village to commemorate the bravery of Thánh Gióng, who fought against Northem invaders."