Ghimeș-Palanca Pass

The Ghimeș-Palanca Pass (Hungarian: Gyimesi-szoros) is a mountain pass in the Eastern Carpathians of Romania, situated at an altitude of 684 m and located between the Tarcău Mountains to the northeast and the Ciuc Mountains to the southwest.

Ghimeș-Palanca Pass
Elevation684 m
Traversed byDN12A
RangeTarcău Mountains, Ciuc Mountains
Coordinates46°33′19″N 26°06′44″E / 46.5553°N 26.1122°E / 46.5553; 26.1122Coordinates: 46°33′19″N 26°06′44″E / 46.5553°N 26.1122°E / 46.5553; 26.1122