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Ghiyath-ud-din Khan

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Ghiyath-ud-din Khan (Urdu;Persian;Arabic: غیاث الدین خان ‬; Tatar: Ğiäsetdin, Russian: Ghiasetdin) (? –1438 or 1445) was initially the governor of Kazan province of the fragmenting Golden Horde during the reign of Edigu. The principality was self-governed and maintained a dynasty of Bolgar rulers.

When Edigu died, Ghiyath-ud-din the reigning ruler taking advantage of the troubles of the Golden Horde established himself as an independent ruler of Kazan Ulus (Kazan province) during the 1420s. Eventually Ghiyath-ud-din would have to confront the former ruler of the Golden Horde, Ulugh Muhammad, but was defeated and killed whereas Ulugh Muhammad would take over Kazan and establish his own separate Khanate of Kazan formally breaking from the Golden Horde.