Ghani (film)

Ghani (Bengali: ঘানি) or The Cycle, is a 2006 Bangladeshi film directed by Kazi Morshed. A ghani is a large bullock driven oil mill.[1] This film won National Film Awards in 11 categories.[2]

Directed byKazi Morshed
Produced byImpress Telefilm Limited
Written byKazi Morshed
Screenplay byHasan Ahmed
Music bySheikh Sadi Khan
Edited bySaiful Islam
Distributed byImpress Telefilm Limited
Release date
Running time
109 minutes


Afsu and Shamsu are two brothers living under the rule of a local landlord. Afsu leave the business of oil mill for his old age but Shamsu continues it due to poverty. Shamsu is a traditional oil miller - as have been his forefathers. They are poor folk, whose life revolves around the Ghaani (oil mill/treadle). One day the ox were stolen and he now use his daughter-in-law Moyna to spin the treadle.[3]



The music of this film was directed by Sheikh Sadi Khan.


Award Title Category Awardee Result
National Film Awards Best Film Kazi Morshed (Producer) Won
Best Director Kazi Morshed Won
Best Actor Arman Parvez Murad Won
Best Actress Naznin Hasan Chumki Won
Best Actor in a Supporting Role Masum Aziz and Raisul Islam Asad Won
Best Actress in a Supporting Role Dolly Zahur Won
Best Music Director Sheikh Saadi Khan Won
Best Story Kazi Morshed Won
Best Dialogue Kazi Morshed Won
Best Screenplay Kazi Morshed Won
Best Cameraman Hasan Ahmed Won
Best Editing Raisul Islam Asad Won[2]


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