The Ghamid (also transliterated as Ghamid, Arabic: غامد‎) is an Arab tribe of Azd tribe in Hejaz Region.


The tribe is of Hejaz, it is considered the oldest tribe of Arabia according to genes examinations and ancient books, Ghamid members ruled many countries along history such as Iran, Egypt, Iraq, Island of Arabia, and Jorden. Ghamid is closely related to the neighboring tribe of Zahran. The history of Ghamd goes back to the pre-Islamic era, and many members of Ghamd joined the forces of the early Muslim empire. Like most other Azd tribes in the southwestern region of the country, Ghamd is divided into three large groups, based on geography and lifestyle: the mountaineers (sarat) in the central highlands of Al-Baha and 'Hejaz, the bedouins (badyah) in the desert regions to the east, and the tohm who inhabit the narrow plain of Tihama on the Red Sea coast. Their religion is entirely Sunni Muslim.

The tribes historical location is in the region of Al-Bahah in southwestern of Hejaz region of Saudi Arabia. It also have parts in Iraq, Jorden, Oman, Sudan, Egypt, Emirates, Yemen, and many other countries.


Members of this tribe mostly have Al-Ghamdi as a surname which indicates the membership to this tribe. Like many other tribes in the Arabian peninsula, many members of Ghamd, (Ghamdis), have emigrated in recent decades to the three major metropolitan centers of Saudi Arabia, namely Riyadh, Jeddah, and Dammam.