The Ghabbour Group is an Egyptian manufacturer of automobiles, buses, trucks and motorcycles located in Cairo.[1][2]

Ghabbour Group
مجموعة غبور
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IndustryAutomotive industry
FounderKamal Ghabbour
Sadek Ghabbour
Area served
Middle East
Key people
Dr. Raouf Ghabbour (CEO)
Nader Ghabbour (COO)
Dina Ghabbour (CBDO)
Mostafa El Mahdi (CFO)
ProductsAutomobiles, Buses, Trucks and Motorcycles
201.400.000 ج.م

The company was founded in 1960 by the brothers Kamal and Sadek Ghabbour because they realized that the automotive sector was a growing market. In its early days the company was named Ghabbour Brothers. Formerly, the group was manufactured Saviem (later RVI) vehicles. Today the Group manufactures vehicles for numerous brands such as: Bajaj Auto, Hyundai and Volvo. With an annual output of 150,000 units, the Ghabbour Group is currently the largest automobile manufacturer in Egypt.

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Its Geely Emgrand brand faced a lot of criticism at one point for endangering people's lives. [3] The campaign generated a lot of negative sentiment towards the brand.

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