Gethsemane Chapel (Armenian: Գեթսեմանի մատուռ, romanizedGet’semani matur’) was a small Armenian Apostolic church in the historical Shahar district of Yerevan, Armenia, that was destroyed during the 1920s to make way for the construction of the Yerevan Opera Theater on what is known today as the Tumanyan street.[1]

Gethsemane Chapel
Գեթսեմանի Մատուռ
Gethsemane Chapel in 1901
AffiliationArmenian Apostolic Church
StatusDestroyed in the 1920s
LocationYerevan Opera Theater place, Kentron District
Yerevan, Armenia
Gethsemane Chapel is located in Armenia
Gethsemane Chapel
Shown within Armenia
Geographic coordinates40°11′09″N 44°30′54″E / 40.185833°N 44.515100°E / 40.185833; 44.515100
Typesingle-nave basilica with no dome

The Gethsemane Chapel was built by the end of the 17th century, replacing a 13th-century domed basilica ruined during the 1679 earthquake. However, the chapel of Gethsemane had a shape of single-nave basilica with no dome. It was surrounded by the old Yerevan cemetery.

It was entirely renovated in 1901 through the donation of the wealthy Yerevanian Melik-Aghamalyan family. The chapel was eventually destroyed during the 1920s.

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