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"Get Right" is a song recorded by American singer Jennifer Lopez for her fourth studio album, Rebirth (2005). It was written by Rich Harrison, Usher Raymond and James Brown, and produced by Harrison and Cory Rooney. An upbeat dance and R&B song with jazz and funk influences, "Get Right" marks a departure in Lopez's musical style, and has been called one of her most "memorable" songs by The New York Times. It is built around a sample of "Soul Power 74" by Maceo and the Macks, and was noted for its heavy use of saxophone and horn instrumentation. The song contains lyrics about dancing, sex and drinking at a club. American rapper Fabolous is featured on a separate version of the song which is present as a bonus track on Rebirth. "Get Right" was announced as the album's lead single in November 2004.[1]

"Get Right"
Get Right.png
Single by Jennifer Lopez
from the album Rebirth
ReleasedJanuary 4, 2005 (2005-01-04)
Jennifer Lopez singles chronology
"Baby I Love U!"
"Get Right"
"Hold You Down"

Music critics generally commended the song's production, but felt that Lopez's "talk-singing" vocals were lackluster. "Get Right" gained immediate worldwide attention following its release, considering Lopez hadn't released new material in over two years. It peaked at number twelve on the Billboard Hot 100 and was certified Gold by the Recording Industry Association of America. Outside the United States, the song topped the charts in Italy, the Republic of Ireland and the United Kingdom and peaked within the top ten in of the charts in other international music markets, including Australia, Denmark, Germany and Spain.

A music video for "Get Right" directed by Francis Lawrence—who previously directed her iconic "Waiting for Tonight" music video—was released on the day of the song's release. It featured Lopez playing eight different characters attending a nightclub; their short sub-storylines would all develop in the song's duration. The clip became a widespread success, becoming one of MTV's most played music videos internationally at one stage. It also received heavy airplay in the United States, and received four MTV Video Music Award nominations. Lopez has performed "Get Right" live on multiple occasions, most notably as the opening number to her 2012 Dance Again World Tour.



Following the release of her third studio album, This Is Me... Then (2002), and the media circus caused following the demise of her two-year relationship with American actor-director Ben Affleck, Lopez took a break from her career.[2] During her time off, she wed long-time friend Marc Anthony. Once she felt like it was time to make her return, she began recording material for her fourth studio album, Rebirth (2005). Lopez told Billboard that taking time off was hard for her to do, as it was, in her own words, "not really in my genes—it's not part of my make-up. There were times when my life was like a roller coaster ride, but as an artist, you need time to clarify. I've grown a lot since my first album. Vocally, I've become more confident. I record songs with a different attack—with a different vigor".[3]

Writing and productionEdit

Usher wrote "Ride" with Rich Harrison. Harrison later gave it to Lopez as "Get Right" without his consent.

While recording his fourth studio album, Confessions (2004), American recording artist Usher collaborated with record producer Rich Harrison; only one of the songs they did together, "Take Your Hand", made the album's final track listing.[4] However, one of the songs that missed the album's track listing was "Ride", composed by Harrison, although it was made available as a 12-inch club record and as a leaked internet download.[5] Harrison decided to rework the song for Lopez after opting to give "1 Thing" to Amerie over her.[6] The resulting "Get Right" contained the "same horn track" and "same vocal guidelines" as "Ride". Sources reported that Usher was unhappy and wanted publishing credits, because he "couldn't get it right" for Confessions, but didn't expect it to be used by someone else; "I'd better get some of the publishing rights or else," he was allegedly quoted saying.[7]

According to MTV News, most of Usher's lyrics to "Ride" differ from Lopez's "Get Right". In one verse, he sings: "It's the way that you look at me, piques my curiosity". "I'm wondering what you're feeling tonight/ We never chilled, we never spent no time/ So let's take a minute/ ... Show you what I'm feeling inside/ Baby, hold on, tonight we're gonna ride."[8] As "Ride" had been circulating online for months, following the release of "Get Right", club DJs began playing the songs back-to-back, "letting listeners hear two big-name singers going head-to-head over the same beat".[9]


"Get Right" is an upbeat dance and R&B song with jazz and funk influences, which has a duration of three minutes and forty-five seconds (3:45).[10][11] It was written by Richard Harrison, who produced it alongside Cory Rooney. Lopez recorded her vocals with Bruce Swedien and Peter Wade Keusch at recording studios in Fort Washington and Long Island. Swedien and Keusch later mixed her vocals at Cove City Sound Studios, Glen Cove.[12] The song's hook is based around a sample of Maceo and the Macks' track "Soul Power 74".[13][14] This was a remixed instrumental version of the original James Brown song "Soul Power".[15] A honking saxophone line, described as "wild" by The New York Times, is looped over and over again throughout the song[9] which also utilizes the use of repetitive horn rifts.[16] The song's beat was noted by Milwaukee Journal Sentinel among other sources to be "infectious".[17][18] Fox News noted the entertainer to be "talk-singing" on the track.[19]

The song's lyrical premise is about Lopez's invitations towards a potential dancer partner, incorporating themes of dance, sex and alcohol. She promises him that "before the night is up we can get right" during the song's chorus.[20] She later states "I'm about to fill your cup/So we can get it right".[21] In the bridge of "Get Right", the lyrics are identical to Usher's "Ride". Lopez sings, "So much we've got to say, but so little time/ And if tonight ain't long enough, don't leave love behind/ (Don't leave this man behind)/ Baby, take my hand".[8] On the song's remix, American rapper Fabolous is featured. His lyrics include "I ain't Mr. Right, I'm Mr. Right Now".[20]

Critical receptionEdit

CBBC Newsound collected public reviews of the song by preteens and teenagers between the ages of 11 and 14. It was described by some as "individual" and "humming tune". "Get Right" was noted for being extremely catchy, with several claiming it "got stuck" in their heads. "It's one of the really rubbish annoying trumpety tunes that get stuck in your head for ages", said one preteen, while another commented, "I really like this song it's one of her good songs and wicked to boogie to at a party".[11] At the Teen Choice Awards, the song was nominated for "Best R&B/Rap Track" as well as "Choice Party Starter".[22]

"[Harrison] turns a couple of notes from Maceo Parker into something both simpler and more chaotic than your average R&B hit. That little saxophone riff is a raucous distraction that refuses to fade into the background".

Kelefa Sanneh of The New York Times on the song's production[9]

Jack Smith of BBC News called it "older-than-old-skool brass" while comparing it to Beyoncé's music.[23] Kelefa Sanneh of The New York Times called the song "memorable", crediting the general success of Rebirth during its first week of availability to "one of the year's most unusual R&B songs". Sanneh praised its saxophone line which allowed it to sound "like nothing else on the radio".[9]The Guardian's Alexis Petridis lauded the song, describing it as "brilliant", with "an almost ruthless precision".[24] Mike Schiller of PopMatters noted the single to be "more jazzy and funky than a Jennifer Lopez song has any right to be". Shciller said she kept the song "simple", containing "infectious horns and a simple backbeat" which "manages the feat of being the grooviest dance track Lopez has released since J.Lo's 'Play'."[25] In a mixed review, Commonsensemedia's Kathi Kamen Goldmark said the song, "percolates with manic horn riffs and the kind of infectious energy that makes thin vocals irrelevant."[26] Sal Cinquemani of Slant Magazine agreed, while criticizing her voice, said the "incessant Maceo Parker horn loop of 'Get Right' is obnoxious at best".[27] Although also criticizing Lopez's vocals, Nathan Rabin of The A.V. Club club wrote:

"Lopez's exceptionally thin voice hasn't stopped her from cranking out a steady stream of pop hits, which continues with "Get Right," the maddeningly catchy first single from her new Rebirth. More than any of her other smashes, the song illustrates just how irrelevant Lopez's crooning is to her chart success: Producers Rich Harrison and Cory Rooney could easily slip Lopez's whisper of a vocal out of the mix, leaving just funky drumming and furious, staccato horn bursts."[28]

Chart performanceEdit

Her first musical release in nearly two years, "Get Right" allowed Lopez to re-enter the media spotlight immediately upon its release.[29] In the United Kingdom, "Get Right" debuted at the top of the UK Singles Chart on February 20, 2005 – for the week ending date February 26, 2005 – selling 49,928 copies in its first week of release and dethroning U2's "Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own"[30][31] to become her twelfth top-ten hit in Britain, as well as her second number one song in the country after "Love Don't Cost a Thing" in January 2001. The following week, "Get Right" fell a position to number two when it was dethroned by "Over and Over" by Nelly featuring Tim McGraw.[32] Elsewhere, the single reached the top ten of most major music markets, over 18 countries. For the chart week ending February 17, 2005, Get Right" debuted at number one in Ireland.[33] It experienced similar success in Italy, where it debuted at number one that day, remaining in the top ten of the Italian Singles Chart for ten weeks.[34] In Belgium, "Get Right" charted at number two in Wallonia and number three in Flanders.[35] The single entered the French Singles Chart at number three on February 13, 2005. The following week, it peaked at number two, while remaining on the chart for a further 15 weeks.[36] Soon, the Syndicat National de l'Édition Phonographique certified "Get Right" gold for sales of 250,000 copies in France.[37][38] In New Zealand, the song peaked at number two, later being certified platinum there for shipments of 15,000.[39][40] After peaking at number three in Australia, "Get Right" was certified double platinum by the Australian Recording Industry Association for shipments exceeding 140,000.[41][42]

"Get Right" peaked at number three in Canada, becoming one of her biggest hits in that country.[43] In the United States, the single debuted at number 53 on the Billboard Hot 100 for the week of January 22, 2005, winning the chart's "Hot Shot Debut of the Week" honor. It was successful as a digital download, debuting at 16 on the US Digital Songs chart that week.[44] Two weeks later, "Get Right" had reached the Hot 100's top 40, jumping to number 28. It reached number six on the Digital Songs chart, while also appearing at number 28 on the US Hot 100 Airplay.[45] By February 12, 2005, the song had reached a new high of number 13 on the Hot 100 as well as number five on the Digital Songs chart. However, it failed to progress on the Hot 100 Airplay chart, stalling above the top 25.[46] For the week ending February 26, 2005, "Get Right" peaked at number 12 on the Hot 100. This made it her first lead single that failed to reach the chart's top ten.[47] Additionally, "Get Right" reached number one on the US Hot Dance Club Play and number 18 on the US Pop Songs chart.[48][49] The song was certified gold by the Recording Industry Association of America for shipments of 500,000 units.[50] In June 2013, Gary Trust of Billboard reported that "Get Right" had sold 692,000 paid downloads.[51]

Music videoEdit

The music video for "Get Right" was shot over the weekend of November 20, 2004. It was directed by Francis Lawrence, who had previously directed the music videos for Lopez's previous singles "Waiting for Tonight" (1999) and "Play" (2001).[52] The clip is "a dance version" of Robert Altman's comedy-drama film Short Cuts (1993). It was reported to examine "all the little moments that happen almost simultaneously in a nightclub during the duration of a single song, in which J. Lo is always the center of the story".[1] A cloned Lopez portrays a DJ, a "diva" Jennifer who is "detached" in a VIP section, as well as patrons on a girl's night out and a bartender among numerous other characters.[1][53] The entertainer worked with The Talauega Brothers for the music video's choreography.[54] While Lopez was filming the music video, her friend and comedian Ellen DeGeneres made a humorous visit to the clip's set in Los Angeles, California. She danced with Lopez and her dancers, while making a "mess" out of the dance steps.[55] Months later, DeGeneres' visit to the set was aired on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where Lopez appeared as a featured guest.[56]

On December 31, 2004, Lopez celebrated New Year's Eve by unveiling an exclusive sneak-peak look at the music video for "Get Right" on MTV.[57][58] On January 4, 2005, America Online broadcast the clip, while MTV screened the video's creation on Making the Video the next day. On January 6, the full music video aired on Total Request Live, where Lopez appeared herself,[3] as well as the FUSE networks.[59] The music video was met with popularity. It registered as the most-streamed music video at numerous websites including Yahoo!,, MSN, Vh1 and Rolling Stone. On AOL Music's total monthly streams for April 2005, the clip for "Get Right" was viewed over 994,000 times, becoming one of the top ten most viewed music videos.[60][failed verification] It also received heavy airplay on television, with cable networks such as Vh1 and MTV heavily screening it. Lopez appeared on MTV2's Sucker Free Sunday to promote the clip. For the week of February 19, 2005, the music video for "Get Right" became the number one clip on MTV internationally.[3] At the 2005 MTV Video Music Awards held on August 28, Lopez received four nominations for "Get Right".[61] This included Best Dance Video, Best Direction in a Video, Best Choreography and Best Editing.[62]


Lopez portrays several characters in the music video for "Get Right". (From left to right in order of appearance: the DJ, bartender, stripper, heavily made-up women, nerd and diva, as well as herself in the last two shots).

The clip begins with a stressed out female DJ who has been forced into bringing her younger sister to work at a nightclub with her. Her under-age sister hides in a corner. A blonde bartender comforts a saddened friend, who suggests that she go back to work. A stripper is on the phone to her boyfriend, lying by stating that she is at a gay club. A heavily made-up woman complains to her friend about her lover acting up in the club, while her friend calls him an idiot. The DJ hands her sister headphones to listen to the track which she plays, "Get Right" by Jennifer Lopez. A music video featuring the entertainer dancing with a cane among other settings are displayed on the many screens at the nightclub.

As the song begins, the nightclub gets busier. A celebrity diva enters with her entourage, stunning an uptight nerdy fan who has come to the club by herself. The nerd begins to make eye contact with the diva. The stripper takes her position on the counters. The upset made-up woman bolts to the dance-floor to confront her lover, nearly accidentally causing the bartender to trip in the process. She eventually dumps her lover who is staring at the stripper. The nerd begins to loosen up, ordering more drinks from the bartender, as the stripper also asks for a drink. Towards the song's bridge, the diva sports a smile as she witnesses the nerd dancing and drinking more. The busy bartender steals a moment to look at the screens, where a classic-Lopez dance-break is being featured. The bartender, diva, nerd and stripper all begin to immerse themselves in the music. The angry made-up woman leaves the club. The clip ends with the DJ staring at her sister, who is singing to the end of the track cheekily, when the song ends.[1][53]

Live performancesEdit

On January 24, 2005, Lopez performed "Get Right" for the first time live at the 2005 NRJ Music Awards held in Cannes, France. She sported a "sultry" white tuxedo with black lapels. According to The Sydney Morning Herald, the entertainer "electrified the youthful crowd".[63]

"Get Right" served as the opening number of her setlist on the Dance Again World Tour, her first worldwide tour which spanned for nearly 80 dates in 2012. She appeared before a group of male dancers with canes and top hates in a "glamorous entrance". She then pulled off her feathered skirt, revealing a sparkling nude catsuit, before shouting "Let's get it!" and commencing the concert with "Get Right".[64][65] According to Hans Nicholas Jong of The Jakarta Post, the crowd were very receptive of the performance as they let out "rapturous" cheers while grooving to the song's beat.[18] The version of "Get Right" Lopez performed on the Dance Again World Tour was a rock influenced version, which still contained "infectious" horn rifts.[18]

Track listingEdit

Credits and personnelEdit

Credits adapted from the album booklet of Rebirth.[12]



Region Certification Certified units/Sales
Australia (ARIA)[101] Platinum 70,000^
France (SNEP)[102] Gold 250,000*
New Zealand (RMNZ)[103] Platinum 10,000*
United Kingdom (BPI)[105] Silver 260,000[104]
United States (RIAA)[106] Gold 692,000[51]

*sales figures based on certification alone
^shipments figures based on certification alone

Release historyEdit

Country Date Format Label
United States January 4, 2005[107] Mainstream radio Epic
Rhythm Crossover radio
February 1, 2005[108] Digital download
Germany[109] February 14, 2005 CD single Sony
United States[110] March 14, 2005 7" Epic
United Kingdom[111] April 15, 2005 Digital download Sony

See alsoEdit


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