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German Sport Guns GmbH is a German firearm manufacturer. Their company focus is on .22 LR firearms, intended for sport shooting and plinking. Its products are copies or replicas of famous military firearms, but are often subject to much less legal scrutiny because of the cartridge they use. Additionally, .22 LR is often less than 1/10 the price of centerfire ammunition, making it a cost-effective way to teach shooting skills and have fun at a low cost to the user. The company also produces airsoft replicas.[2]

German Sport Guns GmbH
IndustryArms industry
FounderDietmar Emde, Manfred Nienhaus, and Michael Swoboda[1]
Key people
Dietmar Emde, Manfred Nienhaus, and Michael Swoboda (founders and CEOs)[1]


The German Sports .22 /1911 from American Tactical Imports et al:
The GSG .22 LR 1911 with Burris sight. Group is from the bench at 25 yards.


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