Germán Busch Province

Germán Busch
Laguna Cáceres from Puerto Suárez
Location in Bolivia
Bolivia Santa Cruz Germán Busch.png
General Data
Capital Puerto Suárez
Area 24,903 km2
Population 33,006 (2001)
Density 1.3 inhabitants/km2 (2001)
ISO 3166-2 BO.SC.GB
Santa Cruz Department
Bolivia department of Santa Cruz.png

Germán Busch is a province in the Santa Cruz Department, Bolivia. Most of the surface is covered by the Pantanal, the largest wetland area in the world.


The province was founded on 30 November 1984 by rearranging the provinces of Ángel Sandoval and Chiquitos. It is named after Germán Busch, a former Bolivian military officer who is regarded as a war hero for his role in the Chaco War between Bolivia and Paraguay.


The province is divided into three municipalities which are further subdivided into cantons.

Section Municipality Seat
1st Puerto Suárez Municipality Puerto Suárez
2nd Puerto Quijarro Municipality Puerto Quijarro
3rd El Carmen Rivero Tórrez Municipality El Carmen Rivero Tórrez (Carmen)

Places of interestEdit

Coordinates: 19°00′S 58°10′W / 19.000°S 58.167°W / -19.000; -58.167