Gerard Madden

Gerard Madden is a native of Whitegate, County Clare, and is the author of a number of books dealing with the ancestry of Irish families, including the Maddens of County Galway.


  • Holy Island, Jewel of the Lough, 1990, reprinted 1996, 2004, 2016 ISBN 0-95295110X
  • For God or King, The History of Mountshannon, 1742 - 1992 (1993) reprinted 1997 ISBN 0-952951126
  • The Famine Memorial Park, Tuamgraney (1997)
  • A History of Scariff and Tuamgraney since earliest times (2000)
  • History of the O'Maddens of Hy Many (2004) ISBN 0-952951177
  • History of the O'Gradys of Clare and Limerick (2007)ISBN 0-952951150
  • Holy Island, Island of the Churches (2008)ISBN 0-952951185
  • Sliabh Aughty Ramble. Musings on the folklore, history, landscape and literature of the Sliabh Aughty region(2010)ISBN 0-9529511-9-3
  • The Old Road. The Writings of Nora T. Goonane Leonard 1913-2007.(2011)
  • Portraits of Mountshannon (2012)ISBN 978-0-9568828-3-7
  • Lough Derg and its Islands with accompanying maps. A voyage of discovery by road and by water(2016)ISBN 978-0-9568828-4-4
  • The Annals of the Poor. Scariff Workhouse Union counties Clare & Galway 1839-1851(2017)ISBN 978-0-9568828-5-1
  • Editor 16 editions of Sliabh Aughty Journal 1991-2016 ISSN 0791-4571