Gerard III, Count of Guelders

Gerard III of Guelders (1185 – 22 October 1229) was the Count of Guelders and Zutphen from 1207 until his death in 1229. He was a son of Count Otto I of Guelders, and is sometimes called Gerard IV or Gerard V. He married Margaretha of Brabant, the daughter of Duke Hendrik I of Brabant, in 1206.

Gerard and Margaret's Tomb


Gerard was an influential knight in the court of emperor Frederick II, but fell out of grace and the emperor destroyed Roermond in 1213 after a conflict between them. He fought the Bishop of Utrecht Otto II of Lippe over Salland, but supported the Bishop in the Battle of Ane. He was captured in this battle in 1227.[citation needed] The chronicle of Johannes de Beke mentions that Gerard was killed in battle.[1] Another source mentions that Gerard was killed in a battle at Zutphen in 1229.[2]


Gerard was a son of Count Otto I of Guelders and Richardis of Bavaria. He married Margaret of Brabant, the daughter of Henry I, Duke of Brabant, and Matilda of Flanders. They had four children:[3]


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