Gerard Heinz

Gerard Heinz (born Gerhard Hinze; 2 January 1904 – 20 November 1972) was a German actor.

in The Saint (1966)

Heinz was born in Hamburg, Germany and later moved to Britain, where he changed his name. He appeared in almost 60 films (including Caravan), and a number of stage productions. In the original 1942 production of Terence Rattigan's Flare Path, he played Count Skriczevinsky, a Polish pilot serving with the RAF in World War II.[1]

A relationship with Joan Rodker, daughter of the modernist poet John Rodker, resulted in the birth of a son, Ernest, in Odessa in 1937.[2] After their separation, Heinz married the actress Mary Kenton. They played respectively Mr. and Mrs. Serafin in the 1961 episode "Washday S.O.S." of the TV series "The Cheaters".[3] They also performed together in the 1964 film "The Sullavan Brothers",[4] and in the ITC crime drama series, "The Four Just Men",[5] and a number of other films.



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