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This is the list of the Georgian orthodox churches in Armenia.

Church name Picture Status Short description Coordinates
Koberi Monastery Qobayr 2015 aug pic 01.JPG partially ruined 41°00′18″N 44°38′06″E / 41.005061°N 44.635086°E / 41.005061; 44.635086 (Koberi Monastery)
Khujabi Monastery Khuchap Monastery 1.JPG inactive State ownership is disputed. According to the official Tbilisi it is located on the territory which is part of Georgian state. However, the nearby section of Georgian-Armenian border is controlled by Armenia.[1] 41°12′39″N 44°34′24″E / 41.21083°N 44.57333°E / 41.21083; 44.57333 (Khujabi)
Srvegh Monastery Սրվեղի վանք36.JPG partially ruined 40°57′55″N 45°14′38″E / 40.965342°N 45.244012°E / 40.965342; 45.244012 (Srvegh Monastery)
Akori church Բգավոր եկեղեցի10.JPG ruins 41°06′22″N 44°36′28″E / 41.106169°N 44.607828°E / 41.106169; 44.607828 (Akori church)
Sedvi Monastery inactive The monastery is located on the left side of the road leading from Akori to Kachachkuti. Judging by its architectural features, the church must be dated to the 13th century.[2] 41°05′49″N 44°35′10″E / 41.096806°N 44.586030°E / 41.096806; 44.586030 (Sedvi)
Oskipari inactive According to Vakhushti it was located in the gorge of river Aghstev. The church has to be built in the 14th-15th centuries. There are several Georgian inscriptions on frescoes.[1]

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