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Georgia State Route 41

State Route 41 (SR 41) is a 134.5-mile-long (216.5 km) state highway that runs south-to-north through portions of Calhoun, Randolph, Terrell, Webster, Marion, Talbot, Meriwether, and Coweta counties in the southwestern and west-central parts of the U.S. state of Georgia. The route connects the Morgan area to Moreland, via Buena Vista, Manchester, Warm Springs, and Greenville.

State Route 41 marker

State Route 41
Route information
Maintained by GDOT
Length134.5 mi[1] (216.5 km)
Major junctions
South end SR 45 north of Morgan
North end US 27 Alt. / US 29 / SR 14 in Moreland
CountiesCalhoun, Randolph, Terrell, Webster, Marion, Talbot, Meriwether, Coweta
Highway system
  • Georgia State Routes
US 41SR 42

Route descriptionEdit

SR 41 begins at an intersection with SR 45 (North Bermuda Street) just north of Morgan, in Calhoun County. The route travels through rural areas of the county before it very briefly runs along the Calhoun–Randolph county line. Then, it enters Randolph County proper. It continues to the north and enters Shellman. On the far northeastern edge of town, it begins a brief concurrency with US 82/SR 50. At the end of the concurrency, the three highways reach the Randolph–Terrell county line. When SR 41 splits off, it runs along the county line for about 1.5 miles (2.4 km). Then, it travels to the northwest and curves to the north-northeast before entering Webster County. In Weston, it intersects SR 520. Northeast, in Preston, is a one-block concurrency with US 280/SR 27 (Hamilton Street). Just before leaving town, it meets the southern terminus of SR 153. The road heads north-northwest, traveling very briefly along the Webster–Marion county line. Then, it curves to the north-northeast and meets the western terminus of SR 30 before it curves back to the north-northwest. Just before entering Buena Vista, it passes by Marion County Airport. In town, the highway intersects SR 26 (6th Avenue). Three blocks later, it intersects SR 137 (3rd Avenue). The two routes run concurrent to the west. One block later, at Baker Street, SR 41/SR 137 turn to the north after meeting the northern terminus of SR 41 Connector. Just over 1,000 feet (300 m) later, the two routes head to the west-northwest and curve to the northwest. Just outside town, the two highways diverge, with SR 41 gradually curve more to the north and meets the southern terminus of SR 352 along the way. It heads due north, passing Melton Lake. Then, it begins a gradual curve to the northwest, meeting the western terminus of SR 127 and the southern terminus of SR 267 along the way. After that, it curves to the due north and crosses over Juniper Creek into Talbot County. SR 41 joins US 80/SR 22/SR 540 in a concurrency to Geneva. At the meeting point of the western terminus of SR 96, US 80/SR 22/SR 41 turn to the left. The concurrency continues into Talbotton. They intersect SR 90/SR 208 (Clark Street). The latter route joins the concurrency until Monroe Street. Just over four blocks later, SR 41 departs to the north on Washington Avenue and then crosses over Lazer Creek. Farther to the north, in Greens Mill, SR 36 begins a concurrency to the north-northeast. The two routes enter Woodland, where SR 36 splits off onto 1st Street. SR 41 curves to the west-northwest and meets the eastern terminus of SR 116 before traveling to the northwest. Just before entering Manchester, US 27 Alternate/SR 85 begin a concurrency with it. US 27 Alternate and SR 41 are concurrent for the remainder of SR 41's length. Then, they cross into Meriwether County. At 2nd Street, US 27 Alternate/SR 41 turn to the left, while SR 85 continues to the northeast. Then, at 5th Avenue, the two routes turn right. The concurrency curves to the northwest and meet the western terminus of SR 85 Spur (Perry Street). On the northwestern edge of town, they meet the southern terminus of SR 173 (Raleigh Road). They continue to the northwest and enter Warm Springs, where they intersect SR 85 Alternate (Whitehouse Highway). Just before leaving town, they pass Warm Springs Medical Center. Right after passing the Roosevelt Memorial Golf Course, they meet the eastern terminus of SR 194 (Durand Highway). They head north and pass Brae-Tam Lake and Roosevelt Memorial Airport. In Harris City, the two highways pass Phillips Lake and intersect SR 18, which joins the concurrency. In Greenville, they intersect SR 109, which joins the concurrency around the town square. Here, SR 18 splits off to the east. US 27 Alternate/SR 41 continue to the north-northwest and pass through rural areas of the county and enter Luthersville. In town, they meet the southern terminus of SR 54 Spur (Park Street). Less than 500 feet (150 m) later, they intersect SR 54 (Oak Street). Just under 1 mile (1.6 km) after leaving town, they enter Coweta County. The two routes pass through rural areas of the county and intersect US 29/SR 14 on the southeastern edge of Moreland. At this intersection, SR 41 meets its northern terminus, while the other three routes continue to the north-northwest into Newnan.[1]

The following portions of SR 41 are part of the National Highway System, a system of routes determined to be the most important for the nation's economy, mobility, and defense

  • The entire length of the concurrency with US 82/SR 50 from the far northern part of Shellman to a point northeast of the city[2]
  • The entire length of the US 280/SR 27 concurrency in Preston[2]

Major intersectionsEdit

Calhoun0.00.0  SR 45 (North Bermuda Street) – Morgan, DawsonSouthern terminus
No major junctions
RandolphShellman15.424.8   US 82 west / SR 50 west (Broad Street/Pearl Street)Southern end of US 82/SR 50 concurrency
county line
16.326.2   US 82 east / SR 50 east (Graves Highway)Northern end of US 82/SR 50 concurrency
No major junctions
WebsterWeston32.051.5  SR 520 – Parrott, Richland
Preston40.164.5   US 280 west / SR 27 west (Hamilton Street)Southern end of US 280/SR 27 concurrency
40.264.7   US 280 east / SR 27 east (Hamilton Street)Northern end of US 280/SR 27 concurrency
40.865.7  SR 153 north – EllavilleSouthern terminus of SR 153
No major junctions
Marion52.784.8  SR 30 east – AmericusWestern terminus of SR 30
Buena Vista59.495.6  SR 26 (6th Avenue) – Cusseta, Ellaville
59.695.9  SR 137 north (3rd Avenue) – ButlerSouthern end of SR 137 concurrency
59.796.1  SR 41 Conn. south (Baker Street)Northern terminus of SR 41 Connector
60.797.7  SR 137 southNorthern end of SR 137 concurrency
63.3101.9  SR 352 northSouthern terminus of SR 352
68.7110.6  SR 127 eastWestern terminus of SR 127
72.3116.4  SR 267 north (Dr. Brooks Drive)Southern terminus of SR 267
Juniper Creek74.9120.5Unnamed bridge; crossing over Juniper Creek, marking the Marion–Talbot county line
Talbot78.1125.7    US 80 west / SR 22 west / SR 540 west – ColumbusSouthern end of US 80/SR 22 and SR 540 concurrencies
Geneva78.9127.0   SR 96 east / SR 540 east – Junction CityNorthern end of SR 540 concurrency; western terminus of SR 96
Talbotton86.2138.7   SR 90 east / SR 208 east (Clark Street) – Junction CitySouthern end of SR 208 concurrency; western terminus of SR 90
86.4139.0  SR 208 west (Monroe Street) – Waverly HallNorthern end of SR 208 concurrency
86.6139.4   US 80 east / SR 22 east (George W. Towns Avenue)Northern end of US 80/SR 22 concurrency
Greens Mill92.6149.0  SR 36 west – Waverly HallSouthern end of SR 36 concurrency
Woodland94.4151.9  SR 36 east (1st Street) – ThomastonNorthern end of SR 36 concurrency
96.2154.8  SR 116 westEastern terminus of SR 116
99.9160.8   US 27 Alt. south / SR 85 southSouthern end of US 27 Alternate & SR 85 concurrencies
MeriwetherManchester100.3161.4  SR 190 west (Pine Mountain Highway) – Little White HouseEastern terminus of SR 190
100.8162.2  SR 85 north (Broad Street) – WoodburyNorthern end of SR 85 concurrency
101.7163.7  SR 85 Spur east (Perry Street)Western terminus of SR 85 Spur
102.8165.4  SR 173 north (Raleigh Road)Southern terminus of SR 173
Warm Springs106.1170.8  SR 85 Alt. (Whitehouse Parkway) – Shiloh, Woodbury
106.8171.9  SR 194 west (Durand Highway) – DurandEastern terminus of SR 194
Harris City112.3180.7  SR 18 west (Chipley Highway) – DurandSouthern end of SR 18 concurrency
Greenville116.5187.5  SR 109 west – LaGrangeSouthern end of SR 109 concurrency around the city square
116.5187.5  SR 109 east – WoodburyNorthern end of SR 109 concurrency around the city square
116.5187.5  SR 109 west – LaGrangeSouthern end of SR 109 concurrency around the city square
118.4190.5  SR 362 north (Callaway Road) – WilliamsonSouthern terminus of SR 362
Luthersville129.4208.2  SR 54 Spur north (Park Street)Southern terminus of SR 54 Spur
129.6208.6  SR 54 (Oak Street) – Hogansville, Sharpsburg
CowetaMoreland134.5216.5    US 27 Alt. north / US 29 / SR 14Northern terminus; northern end of US 27 Alternate concurrency
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


Buena Vista connector routeEdit


State Route 41 Connector
LocationBuena Vista
Length0.20 mi[3] (0.32 km)

State Route 41 Connector (SR 41 Connector) is a 0.2-mile-long (0.32 km) connector route that exists entirely within the central part of Marion County. Its routing is completely within the city limits of Buena Vista.

It begins at an intersection with SR 26, one block west of the SR 41 mainline. The highway heads nearly due north until it meets its northern terminus, an intersection with SR 41/SR 137.[3]

SR 41 Connector is not part of the National Highway System, a system of roadways important to the nation's economy, defense, and mobility.[2]

The entire route is in Buena Vista, Marion County.

0.00.0  SR 26 (6th Avenue/Broad Street) – Cusseta, EllavilleSouthern terminus
0.20.32   SR 41 / SR 137 (Baker Street/3rd Avenue) – Geneva, Butler, PrestonNorthern terminus
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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