Georges Marrane

Georges Marrane (20 January 1888, Louviers, Eure – 27 August 1976) was a French politician. He was the candidate of the French Communist Party for the presidential election of 1958.

Georges Marrane

Life and careerEdit

Marrane became the first Communist mayor of the northern city of Ivry in 1925. He remained in this elected position for forty years, except for the occupied period during World War II, until his retirement from politics in 1965.[1]

Presidential election of 1958Edit

The election of 1958 was the first presidential contest of the French Fifth Republic. Marrane competed against the wartime hero Charles de Gaulle; a third candidate, Albert Châtelet, represented a coalition of non-communist leftist groups. On 15 December 1958, de Gaulle swept the election, taking approximately 77% of the vote. Marrane received 13%, just a few percentage points above Châtelet.[2]


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