Georges Guillet de Saint-George

Georges Guillet (1624 - 6 April 1705) was a French scholar, writer and actor, also known by his stage name Guillet de Saint-George, which he first took in 1661.

He was born in Thiers and was the first person to write a history of the Académie royale de peinture et de sculpture. He also wrote accounts of travels to the Levant under the pen-name "Sieur de La Guilletière". He died in Paris.


  • Lacédémone ancienne et nouvelle, 1676, republished 1979.
  • Arts de l'homme d'épée ou le dictionnaire du gentilhomme, 1678. Three volumes. In 1705, the 16th French edition was translated into English and refashioned for an English audience; it was published as The Gentleman's Dictionary.
  • Histoire du règne de Mahomet II, 1681.