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George Shire is a Zimbabwean independent radical scholar, political analyst, DJ, jazz saxophonist, and decolonial theorist who lives in London in the United Kingdom.

He is a retired academic who previously taught at the University of London; the Central Saint Martin, University of the Arts; and the Open University. He has serves on the editorial boards of a number of journals in the fields of politics and culture, such as SOUNDINGS; DarkMatter; and Ecclipses Journal of Creative Research.

He describes himself as a Pan-Africanist,following in the footsteps of Franz Fanon and Amilcar Cabral, and sympathetic to the political institutions that grew out of the anti-colonial struggles and wars of liberation in Southern Africa[citation needed]. He is an avid transdisciplinarian who draws heavily on the work of Derrida; Spivak; Hall; Said; Marx; Gramsci; Freud; Lacan; Mbembe and Gilroy to name a few

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