George Leech (actor)

George Leech (6 December 1921 – 17 June 2012) was a British film actor and stunt performer who was notable for his work on eleven James Bond films.

Leech was born in London and left school at 14. He was a boxer who won the ABA National Championships when he was 15 as a welterweight and he joined the Royal Navy in 1943.

His first job in movies was performing a stunt involving falling down steps doubling for James Mason in Odd Man Out (1947). He was notable for his contributions to James Bond films from 1962 to 1985 as a stunt performer and in small acting roles (usually as a henchman) including: Dr. No (1962), Goldfinger (1964), Thunderball (1965), On Her Majesty's Secret Service (1969), For Your Eyes Only (1981), and A View to a Kill (1985). He also worked on The Guns of Navarone, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Kelly's Heroes, The Eagle Has Landed and Revenge of the Pink Panther.

He married in 1952. One of his two daughters Wendy Leech became one of the first female stunt performers and married the stuntman Vic Armstrong. Leech died at age 90 in Cardiff.[1][2]


Year Title Role Notes
1956 Port Afrique Second Arab
1959 The Treasure of San Teresa Man In Fight Uncredited
1960 And the Same to You Jake
1962 Billy Budd Marine Uncredited
1964 Carry On Spying Waiter Uncredited
1964 Goldfinger Man in Bulletproof Vest at Q Branch Uncredited
1964 The Curse of the Mummy's Tomb Ship Attacker Uncredited
1964 Mozambique Carl
1965 Coast of Skeletons Carlo Seton
1965 The Face of Fu Manchu Manchu Minion Uncredited
1965 Thunderball Disco Volante Crewman Uncredited
1966 Se tutte le donne del mondo...
1969 On Her Majesty's Secret Service Strangled SPECTRE Skier Uncredited
1971 When Eight Bells Toll Thug Uncredited
1971 Puppet on a Chain Thug Uncredited
1975 Brannigan Man in Bar Uncredited
1976 The Pink Panther Strikes Again Mr. Stutterstutt
1976 The Eagle Has Landed Traumer Uncredited
1977 The Spy Who Loved Me Cortina Gunman #2 Uncredited
1978 The Wild Geese Stone Uncredited
1978 Revenge of the Pink Panther Asylum Policeman Uncredited
1978 Superman Man in Office Uncredited
1979 Moonraker Drax's henchman Uncredited
1980 North Sea Hijack Magnussen
1981 For Your Eyes Only Henchman Shark Victim Uncredited


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