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George F. Sternberg

G. F. Sternberg preparing the skull of Chasmosaurus belli, National Museum of Canada, 1914.

George Fryer Sternberg (1883–1969) was a paleontologist best known for his discovery in Gove County, Kansas of the "fish-within-a-fish" of Xiphactinus audax with a recently eaten Gillicus arcuatus within its stomach. He was the son of Charles Hazelius Sternberg and nephew of Brigadier General George M. Sternberg (1838–1915). The Sternberg Museum of Natural History at Fort Hays State University in Hays, Kansas is named for him and other members of his fossil collecting family like his father Charles Hazelius Sternberg (1850–1943), or his brother Charles Mortram Sternberg (1885–1981).

Gillicus arcuatus within the stomach of Xiphactinus audax, George F. Sternberg's most famous fossil find.