George Congdon Gorham

George Congdon Gorham (July 5, 1832 – February 11, 1909) was a Republican California politician and newspaper editor. Gorham ran in 1867 under the Republican ticket in the Californian gubernatorial race. He lost, however, to Democratic candidate Henry Huntly Haight by a margin of 7,458 votes. Gorham also worked on the Republican National Committee for California (a subsidiary body of the national body, the Republican National Committee). He, along with Stephen Johnson Field wrote a book on the early history of California.[1] From June 6, 1868 until March 24, 1879 he was Secretary of the United States Senate. He died in 1909 in Washington D.C..

George C. Gorham
An 1867 political cartoon criticizing Gorham for his support of suffrage for non-whites. Gorham is in the center of the bottom row.


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