GeoTrax Rail and Road Systems

GeoTrax Rail and Road Systems (later GeoTrax Transportation Systems) are sets of interchangeable railroad tracks, roads and buildings that when connected create entire communities and working systems. The range was discontinued between 2011 and 2014 and Ez-Play Railway succeeded the range in 2015-2016 while reusing the molds from the GeoTrax rolling stock.


Fisher-Price GeoTrax Rail and Road Systems, first released in 2003, consist of train engines, train cars, tracks for building layouts, and several playsets that can be used with the tracks and road sets. GeoTrax trains and toy vehicles can be used for push along play or be operated by battery powered remote controls that enable sounds and actions. Some GeoTrax toys are modeled after well-known trains. Adding more sets and track to expand the layouts is the goal of GeoTrax collectors. Children 2½ and older are the main users of this toy.

As of 2018, the GeoTrax product line has been discontinued.

GeoTrax toy typesEdit

GeoTrax toys are categorized as Rail, Construction, Rescue, Elevation, Air and Sea, and City playsets. The Rail sets vary from small basic pieces that include an engine and one or more cars, to larger sets of 30 or more pieces that can be configured in a number of ways. Separate water works, tunnel, crane, and freight loading toys comprise the Rail playsets. Several Rail playsets include a remote controlled engine and cars with tracks and other pieces such as trees and signposts. Rescue playsets include fire stations, rescue response vehicles, and toy police cars and ambulances. Construction sets come in mining, trucking, fork lift and digging toy variations. The Elevation playsets include mountains, bridges and clock tower toys. Lighthouses, airports, seaplanes, jet planes, fishing piers, trains, drawbridges and tugboats make up the Air and Sea sets. Extra track is available to expand the playsets.

GeoTrax figuresEdit

In 2007, GeoTrax train cars began to include miniature figures of conductors and passengers. These sets containing humans (typically one or two) and trains are identified according to “teams”—thereby giving GeoTrax train cars personalities and presenting additional play options. "Team” sets are available individually or in conjunction with GeoTrax playsets such as the Chop ‘n Haul Sawmill or the Rope ‘n Ride Ranch.

GeoTrax layoutsEdit

GeoTrax train set layouts come in beginner, intermediate, advanced and expert levels, and are built around playset Rail, Construction, Rescue, Elevation and Air and Sea focal point toys. GeoTrax's appeal is due in part to the number of possible track configurations that can be created with interchangeable track and playsets. GeoTrax is known for its Snap-Lock track which can be locked together or taken apart to create a multitude of track configurations. Layouts can be set up flat or using elevated tracks, and can incorporate curves, ramps and bridges. Some adult assembly is needed to build the track layouts. The assembly process sometimes involves using a Phillips screwdriver and snapping tracks together to create multiple play levels. Users can learn to build a number of prescribed layouts by visiting the GeoTrax site which shows pieces and sets used in each layout and printable pictures of the layouts.

Animated SeriesEdit

Geotrax had an animated series that ran from 2007-2009. It had 2 episodes in 2007, 1 episode in 2008, and 1 episode in 2009. All 4 episodes were released on DVD in 2009 after the episode "Steamer And Samuel Save The Day" was released.


On September 4, 2007, some Geotrax trains were recalled by Mattel due to lead-based paint. This follows similar recalls of other Mattel products, such as Polly Pocket dolls and accessories due to problems stemming from Chinese parts.[1]


Fisher-Price, without any explanation, discontinued the GeoTrax train toys in 2011.


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