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L'Esposizione Internazionale Specializzata Genova '92 - Colombo '92 (in English International Exhibition Genoa '92 - Colombo '92) or more informally Expo 1992, held in Genoa, Italy from 15 May to 15 August 1992. The theme was "Christopher Columbus, The Ship and the Sea", and the Expo was timed to celebrate the 500 years since the Discovery of America by the Genoese sailor Christopher Columbus. Because of the theme, the expo was also known as Colombiadi. It was a specialized Exhibition with 54 countries represented. Total visitors were 694,800.[1] The exposition ran at the same time as the larger and longer duration Seville Expo '92, a Universal Exposition, held in the city from whose port (on the Guadalquivir) Columbus had sailed in 1492. The expo's logo was a "500" number with the Genoa's flag; the mascot was a cat dressed like Christopher Columbus called "Gatto Cristoforo"

1992 Genoa
BIE-classSpecialized exposition
NameChristopher Columbus, The Ship and the Sea
Area6 hectacres
MascotGatto Cristoforo
Country Italy
VenuePorto Antico
Opening15 May 1992
Closure15 August 1992
Specialized expositions
PreviousExpo 91 in Plovdiv
NextTaejŏn Expo '93 in Taejŏn
PreviousExpo '70 in Osaka
NextExpo 2000 in Hanover
UniversalSeville Expo '92
Horticultural (AIPH)Floriade 1992


The International Exposition of Genoa '92 was held at the Porto Antico and allowed the entire redesign of the area, designed by the architect Renzo Piano. The aquarium hosted the sea's pavilion and the ship "Italia" hosted the ship's pavilion. Other important places were "Piazza delle Feste", a covered square, the "Magazzini del Cotone" an old port structure which now host the conference centre, "Porta Siberia" an historical port's fortress and the "Palazzina Millo".


54 countries attended the event officially (three unofficially) and, initially, it was announced that the Expo reached about 1.7 million visitors, of 3,000,000 provided,[2] but the count was later revised in only about 800,000 visitors. In the fall of 1992 it was discovered that the actual visitors were less than what was announced at first, and that the Ente Colombo, who ran the event, had collected only 13 billion compared to 45 billion planned. Because of the false news circulated and the lack of success of the event, the Mayor Romano Merlo, who was also president of Colombo, resigned and was replaced by Deputy Mayor Claudio Burlando.

The guest of honor was the Government of the Bahamas, where Christopher Columbus first landed in the Americas on the island of Guanahani. Sculptures called "Obelisk" by Alessandro Matta and "Dolphin" by Bruno Elisei were displayed nn the Bahamian hall, in homage to the Columbus.[3]

Participating Countries
  China   South Korea   Japan   Israel
  Cameroon   Egypt   Morocco   Senegal
  Bulgaria   CIS   Croatia   France
  Germany   Greece   Hungary   Czech Republic
  Denmark   France   Italy   Malta
  Monaco   Poland   Portugal   Romania
  Spain    Switzerland    Vatican City
  Argentina   Bahamas   Bolivia   Brazil
  Chile   Colombia   Costa Rica   Cuba
  Dominica   El Salvador   Ecuador   Guatemala
  Haiti   Honduras   Mexico   Nicaragua
  Panama   Paraguay   Peru   Uruguay
  United States   Venezuela
  European Union


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