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Geniaware srl is an Italian computer and video game developer owned by FishEagle,[1] a digital media investment company. Formed in 2008 the Geniaware's headquarters resides in Reggio Emilia (Italy),[2] whilst the development studio resides in Savona on the Italian Riviera, 40 minutes from Genoa airport, and within 80 minutes of the Italian Alps.[2]

Geniaware's development team is made up of international video game industry veterans who are currently working on a multi platform title with many innovative features and taking advantage of numerous cutting-edge technologies.[3][4] It is titled Lords of Football[5] and is developed for next-gen consoles and PC.


Lords of FootballEdit

The game was announced on 16 May 2011.[6] Geniaware is trying to challenge the traditional forms of sports games with Lords of Football[5] by offering the 'core' audience of gamers a lifestyle[7] take on the football video game genre, there is a whole new approach to tactical and strategic gameplay whereby the game promises a "fully explorable 3D world" and "face-to-face dialogue with your players" both in the 3D world and during matches.[8]


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