Genghis Khan (1950 film)

Genghis Khan (or Ang Buhay ni Genghis Khan) is a 1950 Filipino bioepic film directed by Manuel Conde, based on the life of Mongol ruler and emperor Genghis Khan.[1][2] It was the earliest film to depict the Khan's life.

Genghis Khan
Directed byManuel Conde
Narrated byTony Cruz (Original Version)
James Agee (US version)
Distributed byMC Productions
Release date

“Genghis Khan” is considered a classic, The film was given a technical achievement citation upon its debut at the 1952 Venice Film Festival. It also was shown at the 1952 Edinburgh Film Festival.[3]


Directional creditEdit

As seen in the original posters, Manuel Conde shares directional credit with Lou Salvador as a concession to the actor for agreeing to shave his head for his villain role as Burchou. Despite this, Conde had the full control in directing the film and Salvador didn't have a single directional input towards the film. New re-releases of the film now remove Salvador's directional credit and only bear Conde's name in the posters.[4][1]

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