Genesee Generating Station

Genesee Generating Station is a coal fired station owned by Capital Power Corporation, located near Genesee, Alberta, Canada; 71 km (44 miles) southwest of Edmonton, Alberta. Fuel is provided by the nearby coal mine, a joint venture of EPCOR and Westmoreland Prairie Resources. The Genesee cooling pond is an artificial pond[citation needed] covering 735 hectares (1,820 acres). The pond is topped up with water from the North Saskatchewan River.

Genesee Generating Station
  • Canada
LocationGenesee, Alberta
Coordinates53°20′35″N 114°18′11″W / 53.343°N 114.303°W / 53.343; -114.303Coordinates: 53°20′35″N 114°18′11″W / 53.343°N 114.303°W / 53.343; -114.303
Commission date1989 (G2), 1994 (G1), 2005 (G3)
Owner(s)Capital Power
Thermal power station
Primary fuelCoal (81%) [1]
Natural gas (19%)
Turbine technologySteam turbine
Cooling sourceGenesee cooling pond
Power generation
Units operational2 × 430 MW subcritical coal-fired steam
1 × 516 MW supercritical coal-fired steam
Units planned2 × 530 MW combined cycle gas turbines (both 50% Capital Power Corporation, 50% ENMAX Corporation)
Nameplate capacity1,376 MW

The station consists of three units.


The Genesee Generating Station consists of:[2][3]

  • G1 - one 400 net MW unit (commissioned in May 1994)
  • G2 - one 400 net MW unit (commissioned in October 1989)
  • G3 - one 466 net MW unit (commissioned in March 2005)

The boilers were supplied by Combustion Engineering/Hitachi while the turbines/generator are supplied by GEC/Hitachi.[4] The plant has two smokestacks, one 138 m (453 ft) tall, the other 121 m (397 ft) tall.[5]

Conversion to natural gasEdit

On 18 June 2019, Capital Power announced plans to expand the "dual-fuel" capabilities of all three units to running off 50% coal and 50% natural gas, with the intent to convert the power station to 100% natural gas use by 2030. Unit 2 will be converted by mid-2020 and unit 1 by spring 2021. Unit 3 will be converted to a 60/40 ratio of coal to natural gas by spring 2021 and will be converted to a 50/50 ratio at a later date.[1]

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