General Society of Colonial Wars

The Society of Colonial Wars is an hereditary society composed of men who trace their descents from forebears who, in military, naval, or civil positions of high trust and responsibility, by acts or counsel, assisted in the establishment, defense, and preservation of the mainland American colonies of Great Britain.

Society of Colonial Wars
TypePatriotic-hereditary society

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The General Society presently comprises some thirty-two constituent state societies. The organization was founded in New York in 1892, originally as a state society. The General Society was founded in 1893.

The total membership of state societies has for many years remained in the range of 4,000 to 4,500. Approximately 21,000 men have joined the organization during its history, including many prominent Americans.[1] Members are typically well-educated and professionally accomplished.

The Society has long sought to improve public awareness of the importance of colonial events and individuals in the shaping of America. A number of monuments, plaques, and other markers have been installed by the Society at provenient sites.[2] The Society also funds research and educational initiatives of colonial relevance. In recent years, the goal of improving understanding of the colonial period has additionally been addressed by Samuel Victor Constant Fellowships, awarded annually for postgraduate study of colonial American history.[3]

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To be eligible for membership in the Society an individual must be a male over age 18 who is lineally descendant from a person who served either in a military capacity or held public office in one of the original 13 colonies prior to the American Revolution.

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