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General is the second highest rank in the Sri Lankan Army and is a four-star rank. The rank is held by a Chief of the Defence Staff or is mostly awarded as a ceremonial rank to retiring Commanders of the Army. The serving Commander of the Army since the 1970s have head the rank of Lieutenant-General with a brief exception in 2009 when Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka was promoted as a General while he was still the Army Commander. Sepala Attygalle was the first to be appointed to the rank of General. Brigadiers, although equivalent to Brigadier Generals in other armies, are now considered to be general officers in the Sri Lankan Army.


General of the Volunteer Force of the ArmyEdit

Three former members of the volunteer force have been awarded the honorary rank of General of the Volunteer Force of the Army.

  • General Sir John Kotelawala — Former Prime Minister of Ceylon and Minister of Defense and External Affairs.
  • General Ranjan Wijeratne — Former Minister of Foreign Affairs and Minister of State for Defence.
  • General Anuruddha Ratwatte — Former Minister of Power and Energy and Deputy Minister for Defence


A general's insignia is a crossed sword and baton. A Major-General has a pip over this emblem; a Lieutenant-General a Sri Lanka emblem instead of a pip; and a full General both a pip and the Sri Lanka emblem.

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