Gene Gerrard

Gene Gerrard (31 August 1892 – 1 June 1971) was an English film and stage actor, and occasional film director.[1] He starred in light musical comedies but returned to his stage career by the 1930s.[2]

Gene Gerrard
Born(1892-08-31)31 August 1892
Died1 June 1971(1971-06-01) (aged 78)
Sidmouth, Devon, England

He was born Eugene O'Sullivan[3] and began as a cutter in his father's tailoring business in High Holborn, Central London. He became an assistant to Mozart and made his stage début at the revue at the Alhambra, London in 1910 and his screen début in 1912 for the Hepworth Company. He served in the Great War.[citation needed]

He is billed as "The 'GENIE' of laughter" on the poster for The Wife's Family (1931).[4]






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