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Gebze Technical University (Turkish: Gebze Teknik Üniversitesi (GTÜ)), formerly known as Gebze Institute of Technology (GIT), is one of two institutes of technology founded in Turkey; The other one is İzmir Institute of Technology. It is a university for undergraduate and graduate studies and research activities located in a specifically selected area in Gebze, one of the most industrialized regions of the Marmara Region. Gebze Technical University is one of "research university" title holder in Turkey which "research university" title is given based on university's academic output by Council of Higher Education [1]

Gebze Technical University
Gebze Teknik Üniversitesi
TypeState Technical University
EstablishedJuly 11, 1992
Academic staff
GTU Rectorate Building


Although it is a fairly new undergraduate institution, GIT has held the fifth place among all universities in Turkey, and the first place among the state universities for number of publications per person by having increased the number of scientific publications in international publications to 153 by 2008.[2]


GIT was founded in 1992.[2]


The institute, which has been giving education at graduate level in its four faculties since 1994, began to offer undergraduate education in the departments of Physics, Mathematics, Materials Science, Computer Engineering and Electronics Engineering in 2001 and Architecture and Business in 2008. All education programs are supported with English (30%). GIT has 926 undergraduate and 1275 graduate students and employs a total of 388 academic personnel, 158 of whom held doctoral degrees.[2]

Faculties and departmentsEdit

  • Faculty of Sciences
    • Physics
    • Mathematics
    • Chemistry
    • Molecular Biology and Genetics
  • Faculty of Engineering
    • Computer Engineering
    • Electronics Engineering
    • Materials Science
    • Design and Manufacturing Engineering
    • Energy Systems Engineering
    • Geodetic and Photogrammetric Engineering
    • Environmental Engineering
    • Chemical Engineering
    • Bioengineering
  • Faculty of Architecture
    • Architecture
    • Urban and Regional Planning
    • Industrial Product Design
  • Faculty of Business Administration
    • Business
    • Economics
    • Strategics
  • Institutes
    • Institute of Engineering and Natural Sciences
    • Institute of Social Sciences
    • Institute of Earthquake and Structural Sciences
  • Departments Subordinate to Rectorate
    • Foreign Languages
    • Informatics Department


The institute consists of two campuses, Çayırova Campus and Muallimköy Campus, which is still under construction.

Çayırova CampusEdit

Being the first and the main campus of Gebze Institute of Technology, Çayırova Campus is located 10 kilometers away from Gebze city center toward İstanbul. The campus is of 245,000 square meters. The rector's office, administrative bodies, library, and classrooms for the entire undergraduate and a number of graduate studies are located in Çayırova Campus.[3]

Muallimköy CampusEdit

Muallimköy Campus, with its 3,800,000 m² area, is still under construction but Environmental Engineering, Geodetic and Photogrammetric Engineering, Biology and Chemistry departments have been continuing their research there since 2002. It is planned to contain most of the departments and a 500-person capacity dormitory facility. The İstanbul-Ankara TEM highway passes very near the campus.



GIT Library, as well as possessing more than 10,000 books and 222 periodicals, provides direct access to 9,705 electronic journals on eight databases.


GIT has 79 research and/or teaching laboratories. Every major department has its own computer network and laboratory for its students. In addition, public computer laboratories are available workdays and weekends.[3]

Students lifeEdit

The societies active at GIT are:

  • Astronomy and Physics Society
  • IEEE Student Branch
  • IT Club
  • Music Society
  • Photography and Drawing Society
  • Robot Society
  • Sport Society
  • 1907 UNIFEB GYTE
  • Dance Club
  • Nature Sports and Climbing
  • UltrAslan GYTE
  • Theater Club

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