Gautam Punj

Gautam Punj, an industrialist of Indian heritage, hails from the prominent and successful Punj conglomerate. Gautam is the third generation promoter of Lloyd Insulations (India) Ltd. He is the youngest member of the Delhi-based Punj family. His education and experience has paved the mark for his capabilities in both administration and management, allowing him to spearhead many successful projects, mainly in the oil, gas, petrochemical, and power sectors.

Gautam Punj
OccupationManaging Director of Lloyd Insulations (India) Ltd

Early lifeEdit

Gautam is a scion of the Punj Family . In the 1920s, his grandfather, Pt. K.L. Punj acquired Lloyd Electrical and Engineering. Following his footsteps, Nilender Prakash Punj established the success of 'Punj Sons Ltd', and Lloyd Insulations (India) Ltd .

Gautam began his education at Welham Boys School, in Derhradun. He went on to pursue his A-Levels at Stowe School School, Buckinghamshire, in the United Kingdom. Gautam started his foray into business freshly out of college, equipped with a Law Degree from the London School of Economics and Political Science.


Gautam's returned to Delhi to embark on a professional career at Punj Sons Ltd, as a management trainee. The initial stages of training were in Mumbai, where he was closely involved in marketing and sales.

He steered the rapid expansion of the group into various areas such as the construction of pre-engineered buildings, installation of turn-key cold storage and temperature controlled systems, and many more. Thus, we see the emergence of Lloyd Insulations as an industry leader in the field of energy efficiency, in India and internationally. He has placed Lloyd Insulations on the global map as a fore-runner in the industrial circuits. Today, Lloyd insulations has offices across the Middle East, Europe, Australia and Asia.

In addition, Gautam also serves as an Independent Director on the board of Panasonic Energy India Company Ltd.

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